We made it! Well done to everyone, this was a seriously tough season and the standard in this league gets higher with each year that passes, so a massive congratulations to to all the FFUKers who find themselves in the WINNERS CIRCLE. Thanks to Anderson.Paak for supplying the theme tune.

Even if you didn’t win a prize you are still a winner in our eyes, just by being in this league.

But before all that we have a final GW to review so lets get on with it…

There is something magical about all teams playing at the same time and from a fantasy POV once the goals start flowing it resembles a smorgasbord of points, a bit like Christmas morning for fantasy fans, as long as you are getting your fair share of the presents.

Let’s remind ourselves who the final kings of GW38 were. How many of these did you own?


There was certainly plenty of action but these names above are not the ones in my team. I nearly went for Wilson (13) but decided against him in the end. But this isn’t about me. Double palace defence, double Brighton attack was not really spoken about pre-deadline. Double Leicester attack was more popular with their recent attacking prowess. But it was all about the final day punts and there are plenty of them in that team above. Gundo was not the City attacker that anyone backed. I don’t predict that many of the names above will find their way into our GW1 teams next season but i may be wrong on that. More importantly how did all of this affect the FFUK league?


There it is, the final top 20 of the season! The moment we have all been waiting for… Our new champion is Ossama Mouslimani (1st) congratulations to you for an incredible season finishing in the top 3k in the world. The Manchester City of FFUK and the FFUKer to beat next season. Well done once again on your epic win!

Top scorer in the top 20 was Josh Paxman (8th) with 91 points plundered. Another one to keep an eye on next time around, he has been in the upper echelons most of the season.

Shout out to Steve Cronin (9th) for all his stats throughout the season, what a ffuking legend and another excellent season for him.

We also have a special prize for the best score in GW38 and the winner of that one is Wayne Smith (104th) with 105 pts via a TC on Son worth 36 pts. Congrats Wayne for holding that chip back and using it so well.

As you probably know by now, everyone who finishes in the top 20 wins a prize in this league. That is where we are all aiming for but only the select few manage it. Congratulations to all of you that finished in the Winners Circle.

For the list of all confirmed FFUK prize winners for this season click here

There were plenty of other ways to win if you weren’t lucky enough to finish in the top 20.

Every single Manager of the Month gets a prize. This means there is always something to play for, right up until the last moment and with the GW38 prize it really does go down to the final seconds of the season.

And there is always the Best GW score of the season to win, this year the top prize was shared between our champ Ossama and last season’s runner up Steve Cronin who share the £150. 2nd prize goes to Paul Marshall, whilst 3rd spot goes to Bernard Perry.

Then there are our cup competitons, 3 of them in total. With 12 prizes to win across them. Massive thanks to Paul Baker for organising these and, as they always do, the finals have thrown up some great stories.

None better than in the FFUK Cup where we had twin brothers battling it out for the cup and bragging rights. Kevin Ryan defeated Brendan by 25 pts in the end and takes the top prize in that one. Brendan can console himself with a runner up prize and the two unlucky semi finalists (Simon Pascoe and Stephen Johnston) also scoop a prize for their efforts.

In the Milk Plate Neil Goodwin defeated Brian Mallinson in the final. Andrew Fogaty and Jamie Cooper pick up the semi prizes.

And our final cup of the season the new FPL FFUK Cup was a really close one. Kevin Ryan couldnt do the double and was narrowly beaten in the end by Ian Cayley. His bro (clearly this is a family with a penchant for the cups) Brendan and Dips Shah collect the semi prizes in this one.

The only competitions left to confirm winners in are our side games. We ran 3 H2H leagues with separate entry wth prizes for the top 3 at the end of the season. There will also be promotion/relegation but we will leave that news for another day. Today is all about the prizes.

The H2H Premier League was fiercely contested this season and it was as tight as it gets going into the final couple of GWs. In the end Stu Allen won out with James Simpson 2nd and Steve Cronin 3rd.

The H2H Championship was also a battle for the ages. Chris Smith ended up victorious in this one with Tina Whitehouse and Sean Colohan taking 2nd and 3rd respectively.

And in the H2H League One Simon Pascoe was the winner with Harry Gill taking 2nd and Simon Chatten in 3rd.

Depending on popularity we may open up a 4th H2H league next season so watch out for that if you would like to be involved.

Finally we have our CONTS league, of which the winner was crowned last week but he deserves another shout out for winning the most brutal of leagues. Congrats once again to our new King Cont Neil Goodwin.

That is it for prizes, a whopping 57 of them in total, does any other mini league offer this many ways to win? If you weren’t lucky enough to win something this season like myself, then thank you for taking part and hopefully we see you all again next season. For all those who did win you should have received an email, if you can confirm your payment info by reply – all prizes will be paid out this weekend.

Then its a little break at FFUK HQ before we go again next season. We want to make next season even bigger and better but for that we will need your help.

You can help in one of 3 ways below:

  1. We have our AGM in a couple of weeks where we turn our attention to plans for next season. If you have a suggestion, idea or comment we would love to hear from you, about any aspect of our league, we wany your suggestions. We promise to address all of them during the AGM and you never know your idea could become a reality. Get in touch via our suggestion box
  2. We have a fantastic group of helpers who write reviews and join our videos as well as various other little tasks throughout the season but next year we are looking for more, if you can spare a little time to write a pre-season article or a GW review, maybe you would prefer to join us for a video then let us know and we can add you to the crew, or the inner circle as it is often referred to!
  3. The most important point is saved til last. This league grows each and every season but only with your help, so we simply ask that, when the time comes, you invite your friends, colleagues and family to join us. There are prizes for those who recruit the most new players so we ask once again that you share the details of this league with anyone you know who might be interested, after all its a lot more fun if you beat someone you know, just ask Kevin Ryan!

Watch out for details of next season but in the meantime enjoy your summer break so that you come back fully refreshed for next season.

Thanks once again to everyone for taking part, extra special thanks to all that have helped us and big congratulations to all of you in the winners circle.

Signing off for this season one last time, look after yourself and each FFUKer,

Chris Galloway (26th)

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