It’s that time of year again when we predict what is going to happen over the next 10 months. Here at FFUK HQ it’s become a bit of a tradition to ask a few of our favourite FFUKers what they think might happen this season.

You can check out last season’s predictions to see just how close (or not) they got. Then continue reading to find out what Harvey Smith, Mark Tarbox, Damien O’Neill (Damo), Jamie Stewart (JDS) and James Downie (JD) are predicting…

7 questions, 5 FFUKers. Let’s go.

Q1. What will be the top 6 at the end of this season in the Premier League (in order)?

Harvey – 1st Liverpool, 2nd Man City, 3rd Spurs, 4th Arsenal, 5th Chelsea, 6th Man United

Damo – 1st Man City, 2nd Spurs, 3rd Liverpool, 4th Arsenal, 5th Chelsea, 6th Man United

JD – 1st Man City, 2nd Liverpool, 3rd Spurs, 4th Chelsea, 5th Arsenal, 6th Man United

Mark – 1st Man City, 2nd Liverpool, 3rd Arsenal, 4th Chelsea, 5th West Ham, 6th Newcastle

JDS – 1st Man City, 2nd Liverpool, 3rd Spurs, 4th Chelsea, 5th Arsenal, 6th Man United

Who will be doing this next season?

Q2. What will be the bottom 3 at the end of the season (in order)?

Harvey – 18th Leeds, 19th Everton, 20th Bournemouth

Damo – 18th Southampton, 19th Nottingham Forest, 20th Bournemouth

JD – 18th Leeds, 19th Fulham, 20th Everton

Mark – 18th Southampton, 19th Brentford, 20th Bournemouth

JDS – 18th Fulham, 19th Nottingham Forest, 20th Bournemouth

Q3. Who will be the top goalscorer in the Premier League this season?

Harvey – Salah – He will have more time, more support and most importantly more rest. The thing that cost him at the end of last season is the opposite of what will happen next season

Damo – Haaland

JD – Kane- I think spurs will have a great season and he will be main man. Haaland I think will be kept fresh for champions league.

Mark – Jesus

JDS – As good as I think Haaland will be, there’s some doubt about whether he’ll be on pens, so I’ll go with Mo.  I think Kane will have a great season too.

Q4. Who will be the top points scorer in FPL next season? (if the same as previous question then who will be 2nd highest points scorer?

Harvey – KDB – Last season KDB scored 31pts in the first 16 games of the season and finished the season with 196pts. He’s back, fit and has a target man to aim at.

Damo – KDB

JD – I think with no world cup Mo will stay fresh and smash it again

Mark – Salah

JDS – Mo as top FPL points scorer and I’ll stick my neck out and say world-class Kane in second spot.

Q5. Who will win the FFUK League next season?

Harvey – The person that picks the right premium assets through the season and makes the least transfer hits (it will be different this season as should be less covid hit). So all I know is it wont be me… but it could be Steve Cronin.

Damo – Although I wouldn’t be entering if I didn’t think I could win it, if I am looking at competition to oust me then my money is on Statto Steve Cronin!  

JD – It’s my year!

Mark – It’s peter “the stalker” cronin’s turn

JDS – Statto Steve’s had a great couple of years, so I make him the bookies’ favourite.

Q6. Which team will be the biggest disappointment next season?

Harvey – Well, that’s usually United, but they actually look like they will do far better (can’t do worse). I actually think they will be the most improved. So, for the obvious reasons it Chelsea. It’s going to be a hard year when all your targets want to play against you… odds on them meeting Barca in start the champs league groups? Tuchel is already making all the wring sorts of noises, this isn’t a good sign and the expectations at Chelsea are big. If it isn’t them it will be West Ham. Because well… they usually think they will win things.

Damo – Leeds – I do fear for my club this year.  

JD – Everton- from James Rodriguez to Dwight McNeil in 2 years. How the mediocre have fallen.

Mark – Spurs (obvs)

JDS – Brentford finished a very respectable 13th last season, but I can smell second-season syndrome – especially without Eriksen – and I think they might be in the relegation mix.

Q7. Which player will be the biggest disappointment next season from an FPL pov?

Harvey – Ok, this is a weird one. The one that is set up most for this is Haaland. Not because he isn’t good but because the hype is so big that anything lower than 150pts is going to be seen as a disappointment (remember Ronaldo only got 159). Most probably the big disappointment will be him or Darwin Nunez as ownership and price will play against them. Personally I think it will be Perisic.

Damo – Reece James. – he will break many fpl hearts with runs of 1,1,2,19,0,1,2 ,1,6 etc. 

JD – This is a tough one especially as ill own him for some of the season but id say Haaland. I think he will be rested so much when CL is on and he will be on very reduced minutes in PL.

Mark – Perisic

JDS – I reckon Jarrod Bowen massively over-achieved last season with 12 goals and 17 assists (206 points) – he’ll probably do ok but maybe 8 goals and 8 assists is more his level for c.150 points – definitely not worth £8.5.

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