Welcome back to an old favourite, each season we ask 5 of our favourite FFUKers for their predictions for the season ahead. Towards the end of the season we can check back to see how wrong or right they get it.

This year’s fab five FFUKers are below and we have included the team they support just in case you think that may have clouded their judgement, we have also added their finishing position in the FFUK league last season.

Daron Russell – Man Utd Fan, finished 2nd last season in the FFUK league

Harvey Smith – Liverpool fan, finished 33rd last season

Justin McCarthy – Liverpool fan, finished 9th last season

Ameet Shah – Arsenal fan, finished 26th last season

Damien O’Neill – Leeds fan, finished 57th last season

Ok let’s find out what they think here is the first question for them to predict…

Q1. Can you give us the Premier League top 6 (in order please) at the end of the season?

Daz “The season he finally gets the sack, Guardiola”

  1. Man Utd – Ole, that’s right Ole! Ole! Ole! 
  2. Liverpool
  3. Man City
  4. Chelsea
  5. Spurs 
  6. Leicester 


  1. Liverpool
  2. Man City
  3. Chelsea
  4. Man Utd
  5. Leicester
  6. Everton

Justin “The top three picks itself but in what order. Liverpool won’t be as bad again this year and still have the (ageing) core of title winning side. Chelsea look likely to kick on with last season’s signings set to improve and City are City. United and Leicester to battle it out for fourth and Arsenal to improve into sixth place.”

  1. Liverpool
  2. Man City
  3. Chelsea
  4. Man United
  5. Leicester
  6. Arsenal


  1. Man City
  2. Liverpool
  3. Man United
  4. Chelsea
  5. Arsenal
  6. Leicester

Damo “If Spurs hold on to Kane, then I could see them maintain a position in the top 6. Looking at how strongly Chelsea and Leeds finished last year, I am expecting this form to continue into the new season.”

  1. Chelsea
  2. Man City
  3. Liverpool
  4. Man Utd
  5. Leeds
  6. Leicester

Q2. And the bottom 3 please (again in order)

Daz “I simply can’t see this being any other way. 18th Watford, 19th Brentford, 20th Norwich”

Harvey “18th Crystal Palace, 19th Newcastle, 20th Watford”

Justin “Palace need to hit the ground running under Viera but could see another De Boer situation developing given their awful fixtures. Burnley have been living a charmed life and didn’t hit the (no longer magical) 40 point mark last season. Of the teams coming up I think Watford and particularly Brentford have a bit more about them than Norwich who didn’t impress the last time they were up. 18th Crystal Palace, 19th Burnley, 20th Norwich”

Ameet “18th Brentford, 19th Norwich, 20th Watford”

Damo “I think Palace have rode their luck long enough and they have lost a large swathe of players who have yet to be replaced. Similar to Burnley, failing to invest in the squad and play a negative brand of football has past it’s sell by date. Ciao. 18th Burnley, 19th Watford, 20th Palace”

Q3. Who will be the top goalscorer in the Premier League this season?

Daz “Kane, @ man citeh”

Harvey “Salah”

Justin “Mo Salah to have a bounce back and reclaim his crown. Less boringly I’ll give Timo Werner an each way shout – stranger things have happened.”

Ameet “Kane”

Damo “Kane if playing at City. Otherwise Salah.”

Q4. Who will be the top scoring FPL player next season?

Daz “Sancho (assist king and plus goals galore )”

Harvey “KDB”

Justin “If Salah is top scorer outright he’ll be top scorer here too.”

Ameet “Salah”

Damo “KDB – He was pretty unlucky last season in terms of FPL points – assisting the assiter and hitting the post etc.”

Q5. Who will win the FFUK league?

Daz “Me that’s who! Steve Cronin was not even a close 3rd and that Chris Galloway guy, scraped it! A chip strategy gave him a slender victory. Apples for Apples on chips, I WIN! Simples!”

Harvey “A: Not me. B: VAR (on points removed) or C: Steve Cronin”

Justin “Hard to look past myself here but lets give it to one of last seasons also rans having lead for so long, Steve Cronin.”

Ameet “Roni Friel, the journey to victory will be good fun and emotional”

Damo “Justin McCarthy. –  This reminds me…. did I predict Chris G last year?” Note: we didn’t ask this Q last year Damo

Q6. Which PL team will be the biggest disappintment next season and why?

Daz “Has to be Arsenal. They are a FFUKing disgrace of a club.  Big stadium, disillusioned fan base, poor ownership structure and investment policy.  Bit angry that, but after Newcastle United, Conts!”

Harvey “West Ham (their fans will think they can win now) or Man United (it’s the season Olly gets sacked)”

Justin “Spurs: Hard to see them get it right with so much wrong behind the scenes. If Kane goes they’re in trouble and if Kane stays they’re in trouble.”

Ameet “The Tottenham Hotspur award goes to… Tottenham Hotspur”

Damo “Wolves – I feel they are in for a rude awakening after the recent players sales and the loss of Nuno.”

Q7. And Finally, which PL player will be the biggest disappointment next season?

Daz “Martinez, surely he can’t do it two seasons on the bounce. Henderson to be the stand out pick at 5 thousand bags of sand.”

Harvey “FPL = Jordan Sancho – (won’t make 100pts) PL = Son (with no Harry, it’s like a son without a father)”

Justin “Any new signing (Sancho etc.) as it increasingly appears to take time to adjust (Bruno excepted, but he could be one to regress to norm this year as he can’t keep defying the odds shirley!?).  FPL wise KDB had a poor season last year by his standards and am still not convinced more advanced role will suit him. So that’s most of the best players written off then!”

Ameet “The Timo Werner award goes to…. This one is subjective to where your expectations on players are but I’m going for Vardy. The end is nigh. DCL could disappoint too, felt like Carlo worked hard with him to get him firing early on.”

Damo “Bruno Fernandes – I am writing this from an FPL perspective. – he can’t get that many pens again. Can he?”


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