Welcome to the second review of the season, its time to believe. Are you a believer? You need to be to win in this league. You can do it. Thanks to the Chemical Brothers for this week’s tune, you are all lucky it wasn’t Cher! Before we start the review there are a couple of important bits of news.

The final payments are now in so we are close to announcing prize money, thanks to everyone for paying up. It’s been a very busy couple of weeks at FFUK HQ, as you might imagine, so please bear with us but believe it when we say we will announce prize money before the next review! Mugs have gone out to the best recruiters but we do have a couple left for sale, click here if you are interested in getting your hands on one.

You can probably hear the Cronin brothers beavering away in the background. They are in the midst of designing the FFUK cup offerings for this season but the game has thrown a couple of spanners in the works, do not worry, this is not going to stop us. However they will have exciting news on the cups coming your way soon. You better believe you can win one of these!

Ok believers lets do this. First up lets start with the team of the week.

Did you believe in Jesus this week? Almost 80% of FFUKers own him so that is quite a show of faith. 5 FFUKers went one step further and captained, they must believe anything is possible right now. Even Watkins scored and got an assist!

At the back Jose Sa held firm in his belief saving a penalty, earning a clean sheet max bonus and a save point. Across the back it was a combo of Mee, Cancelo & Veltman that top scored in defence.

In the middle it was left to four budget picks to do the business in Rodrigo, Jensen, Xhaka and Hojbjerg – (there’s your Bailey and Neto replacements right there). Which meant there was plenty of money spare for KDB who smashed his way to 14 points.

How many of these did you believe in?

In the league top scorer takes top spot this week. Congrats to Dan McBrearty (1st) with 96 points scored courtesy of a KDB captaincy and of course he believed in Jesus. The rest of his congregation, Cancelo, James, Trippier, Diaz and Martinelli all returned too taking him from 44th to top spot in one week!

Vladimir Voronkovs (222nd) was at the other end of the scale low scoring with just 28 scored. Keep the faith Vlad, plenty of time left to turn things around!


Things move fast at this time of the season. You have to keep believing. Ignore ranks and just focus on getting through these few weeks, just need to stay in touch with the pack. With both Salah and Haaland underwhelming after a strong opening GW nothing is certain in this game. What’s more most of us have a wildcard burning a hole in our pockets, 12 FFUKers used them after just one week. How many push the button this week? Do we keep the faith or ditch our players – this is the big decision we all have to face over the next few gameweeks.

In the CONTS league we have now announced the eviction plan for this season. Check it out here

This week it was another single eviction and the unlucky FFUKer who goes is Richard Willis Hutchinson who managed just 37 points, this after a very good showing in GW1 which just goes to prove you can not rest on your laurels in this league. The next worst was Duncan Hannigan with 42 who may have believed it was all over but he is saved, for now!


Stay tuned this week for exciting news of prizes, cups and champions league fantasy all coming your way. Make sure you are following us on our socials to stay up to date. That is it for now, thanks for reading.

Look after yourself and each FFUKer!


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