Words from the Hat trick Hero Himself!! So I thought, in no small part, thanks to a nudge from our illustrious leader Chris Galloway (54th), I’d use this as the theme tune and focus for this Game Week 6 Review

The two Golden Boot winners in Salah & Son scoring 3 & 2 points respectively this GW – How you like me now?

A Liverpool clean sheet with the expensively assembled TAA and Robertson scoring 1 point each – How you like me now (Roni)?

This unfortunate FPL managers bench (anonymous), for pointing this out to the world …. How you like me now?

For the 15,497 mangers who spent £9m of their budget on transferring in Aubameyang this GW… How you like me now?

The man who its impossible not to love especially when producing an 18 point haul for a £6.5m investment – Marcus Rashford – How you like me now?

Right, without wanting to sound like Eminem “lets get down to business” and first up is..

Team of the Week

As always with the ToTW its Ronseal. But if you had more than 3 of these players then I salute you and very well played. I suspect your league position is higher than mine (120th = not that hard) with those great differentials.

Sooo moving on to “nose bleed” territory and the FFUK top 20

The team of the week was somewhat template busting and this was reflected in scores in the top 20. Paul Bagshaw with 69 points and Andrew Clarke with 79 points (and the highest GW score in the whole of FFUK) broke into the top 20 at joint 20th but the average score for the other 19 was 41.5 which means Mr A out scored our top 19 by 3.5 points – That cant have happened too often?

From the sublime to the ridiculous and the amazing competition that is the FFUK – The Conts

This weeks eviction was as tight as a Gnats chuff with Marcus Holford and our resident Irish “man from a land down under” Damo O’Neill both scoring 32 points each. In previous seasons with Marcus on a Total Score of 379 and Damien on 374 we would have been waving goodbye to our antipodean friend but the luck of the Irish was with him as this year the first count back option is highest Captain score and with Damo on Haaland and Marcus on Salah it meant the luck of the Irish was with Damien and we have to say goodbye to Marcus Holford – you have been evicted!

One last point of order for me – its the a start of the FFUK Cup competition this month, if you haven’t already found your opponent, check out the latest cup post from the Cronin Bros here

Big love FFUKers – How you like me now?

Duncan Hannigan (120th and not drinking any more Cider!)

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