ffuk cup – october scores

October marks the Second Round of the Cup and the busiest round of fixtures in the season, with 128 teams battling across six gameweeks for a place in the Third Round. In a month that started with a Haaland hattie, we saw City losing to Liverpool before sitting out a midweek round of fixtures in GW12, and then Haaland got injured. And while it would be wrong to suggest that a single player could have that much impact on the fates of our Fantasy teams, looking back over the game month, what we did about Haaland seems not nearly as key as whether we owned a player named Miguel Almiron…

Almiron racked up 57 points in October, to Haaland’s 41. Just going to leave that there. Almiron totalled 59 points last season scoring just 1 goal in 1706 minutes, and in his best season for Newcastle, scored 4 goals and earned 2 assists. Transformation?

In the cup the combination of these two factors made for some whopping wins, and some loathsome losses. Manager of the Month David Harrison (448 points) made easy work of his cup fixture, beating Nick Hardie (388) by a comfortable 60 points. Unlucky for Nick, as he would have won most fixtures, and he would have even beat the player with the biggest win, Craig Smith, who finished the month on 375 points, but beat Jack Rackley 227 by a staggering 148 points. And I thought I was having a bad month.

Elsewhere it was bum whistle time for Roni Friel (384), who beat Harry Dickinson by a point, and for Trevor Dennison (367) too, who also downed his opponent by just a point.

No draws this month, which sees 64 teams through to a horrifically brutal November, with just two gameweeks, Haaland still a doubt, flags all over the pitch and a World Cup on the horizon.

Jamie Cooper 385 v Jamie Stephens 344
Kevin Ryan 354 v Alex Smith 381
Vikram Marwaha 409 v Ben Harta 368
Steve Scott 343 v Chris Webb 354
Clayton Deakin 398 v Jennifer Allen 344
Matt Wasserberg 380 v Lewis Bell 360
darren mckeown 309 v John Gleeson 341
Kevin Flynn 377 v Oliver Molloy 345
Ray Flynn 367 v Aaron Smith 354
Tony Lee 349 v James Nalepa 416
Ashley Mather 391 v Haroon Rashid 380
Donal Healy 375 v Ameet Shah 391
David Harrison 448 v Nick Hardie 388
Toby Glicher 342 v SCOTT HASSELL 334
David Moore 370 v Duncan Hannigan 334
Craig Sharman 376 v Alfie Raistrick 383
Steven Hansell 353 v John Stevens 359
Brendan Ryan 408 v Robert Simpson 320
Peter Brooks 369 v Marcus Blowers 354
Harry Dickinson 383 v Roni Friel 384
Chris Brophy 367 v Kushal Shah 339
Jonathan Morgan 335 v Sean Griffin 355
Mark Storrar 386 v Iain Sanderson 402
Ben Pycz 348 v Dan Humby 315
Marcus Holford 374 v John Gordon 319
Vince Siracusa 354 v Ossama Mouslimani 381
Dave Windsor 328 v Ben Carter 343
Steve Cronin 349 v John Willson 390
Stuart Loader 306 v James Downie 323
Mark Turnbull 377 v Andy Jackson 364
James Felton 379 v Andrew Clarke 374
Paul Blair 291 v Kevin O’ Reilly 417
Huggy Huggy 348 v Shaun Bremner 342
Donald Macaulay 398 v James Coffen 372
Jack Rackley 227 v Craig Smith 375
Dan Hepworth 360 v tom newman 355
Harry Gill 331 v Sam Blake 383
grant lawrie 347 v Paul Whiteman 339
Ross Smith 364 v Dexter Smith 293
Harvey Smith 303 v Rahul Chudasama 349
Jamie Davis 415 v Steven Mountford 321
Sachin Patel 343 v Liam Green 346
Ian Cayley 351 v Jamie Stewart 373
Daniel Butler 383 v Tim McEwan 380
Kev Preston 363 v Fabian Mascoll 335
Nick Maston 276 v Elliott Hodgeon 352
Darryl James 325 v jonty cooke 353
bryan mallinson 397 v Philip Redgrave 347
Mark Tarbox 388 v Paul Reid 355
Adam Cox 328 v Matt Packham 379
Alex Sadlier 359 v Matthew Page-chatton 335
Matthew Silley 383 v John Parkinson 364
Steven Landsborough 354 v Andrew Fogaty 366
Simon Pascoe 379 v Jamali Nicolas 364
Danny Finnigan 380 v Dean Collins 370
Marc O’Sullivan 352 v Paul Austin 358
Andy Gosling 310 v Neil Goodwin 387
john Harper 417 v Paul Bagshaw 361
Seb Klyen 326 v Connor Parkes 367
PHILIP DEWSNAP 394 v Richard P W-H 335
Steven Paterson 367 v Rob Pitt 393
Jim Wheat 366 v Trevor Dennison 367
Phil Smith 375 v Steven Almond 351
PICHON YVES 335 v Mike Mcbrearty 353

by Pete & Steve Cronin

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