Well that was a little bit different. Because of the irritating interruption of a Winter World Cup the FFUK Cup had to adapt. We’re used to this, we’re professionals, we’re happy to fit in with the rest of the world and not moan about it.

So yes, the game months of November and December were joined to create a single round of fixtures in the cup and this meant an elongated round and a bitter end for some. At least the end was quick. As we are enjoying the annual round of festive fixtures this means a single day turn around between December and January, a single day between Gameweeks 18 and 19, and yes, a single day between the third and fourth rounds of the cup.

The Third Round saw a host of FFUK stalwarts through to the 4th, with Jamie Stewart knocking out Sean Griffin by a comfortable 39 points, James Downie downing Dan Hepworth by 35 points, and Don Macaulay seeing off James Felton by a margin of 11. Craig Smith can be very grateful for his Christmas gifts, earning the prize for lowest scoring winner with 193 points for the month, beating Mark Turnbull b y just 2. However, the crunch tie has to be John Gleeson v top of the league John Harper, who drew on 261 points for the month, going to a tiebreaker, and John Gleeson sitting pretty due to goals scored.

The fourth round consists of just 16 ties, with LIVE DRAWS in effect from the next round.

Plenty of big names among the 32 teams still in the game, and a tricky game-month ahead. Double gameweeks to manoeuvre, chips in play, and the magic of the cups will all have something to say.

There are prizes to be won. Best of luck to all of you.

The Cronin Brothers

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