GW19 (and a tiny bit of 18) review- new world

Hi FFUKers and Happy New Year.

I had one Fantasy Football based new Year’s resolution which was to Captain Haaland every week. I have already broken it.

This has all been a bit strange. I was supposed to do the GW18 review but the turnaround was so tight we decided I would do GW19 as well. As you know this included the first Double GW of the season but it has been very drawn out. I was planning to have the review out before the last game. However since the weekend I have been mainly in bed with a recurrence of shingles! Now with the deadline for GW20 today this review will be short and bitter.

For those that can’t remember here is the recap for GW18

The theme of this review is New Beginnings to a New World. I had no intention of there being a 90s inspired review but being in my 40s I embraced it!

I didn’t remember the NAS song but I thought it fit in well. With all the noise about the World Cup and sports washing fading away, its been so nice to see the Premier League back. The league with absolutely no corruption, the very highest morals and fans coming first again.

We have a New World Order.

I was thinking of the song for this game week being the classic by Nina Simone because of the following lyrics.

It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life for me
And I’m feeling good

However I chose against this song because I was worried about it upsetting Chelsea and Liverpool fans. I decided not to use it and not to talk about it in anyway shape or form. As most neutral football fans are also extremely upset and concerned at what is happening to Chelsea and Liverpool respectively. Literally no one could feel good about what is happening.


In January new signings can be made. This is an exciting time as teams get a chance to refresh. I am definitely not picking on Chelsea but I had to mention what happened last night. Joao Felix looked great for the first hour. Proper lively and just what they need to help with their floundering season. It doesn’t need mentioning again what happened and the fact he ended up on -2 points and will miss the next three games. I hope no FFUKers bought him in.

I am not going to go over all the results for the last two GWs. Brentford and Fulham continue to impress. As do Arsenal and Newcastle who played out an exciting 0-0 in GW19. It will be interesting to see if those two clubs can hold on for the second of the season.


Above is the Team of the week. How many you got?

The Game week started with everyone wondering whether it was worth the risk to bring in Mitrović (5), due to his double game week but he was one booking away from suspension. He scored- was on for max bonus- but then got booked and dropped out of bonus and missed second game! Mitrobitch lived up to his name! but he still outscored Haaland (2).

Those who had Kane were treated to 16 points due to his 3 returns, the boy is truly New World Class. Luke Shaw was highly transferred in after James injury and the transfer paid off after he netted 15 points


Here are the top 20 FFUKers as we approach half way in games played. John Harper (1st) has extended his lead at the top. Chris Galloway (6th) and Andrew Clarke (11th) were the top scorers in the top 20.

Trevor Dennison (50th) top scored overall with 91 points scored, not bad when you consider his captain Haaland blanked but he was helped by his bench boost.


The CONTS league has been proper brutal over the winter of discontent. 24 evictions over three game weeks has seen many fall. Congratulations to all those that have made it through this far. Now you only have the Valentine’s Day massacre to come and the usual one eviction per week. Easy.

Below shows the bottom 9. Frankie is a lucky FFUKer. The other 8 all go!


We have a new way of showing some fantastic analysis from the FF UK league. I am putting in a table below showing some really interesting stats. Although I think this kind of analysis can be disturbing as I do not want to know how my captain choices have been terrible this season! The stats and features will all be explained at a later date but below is a flavour.

Well everyone is taking a hit. The economy is garbage and the world is on fire – Nick – A Quote from Ginny and Georgia (Netflix)
You can tell I’ve been in bed binge watching!

Maybe its not a New World but maybe a it is a bit of a FFUKing change.

I am gone, Miguel Almirón

Until next time…

Stinker Tinker FC (135th)

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