With the FFUK Cup already in its semi final stages, our League Cup starts in GW31 in a whole new format with weekly ties.

It all starts with qualifying in GW30 and you can keep up with all the latest on the official site.

See below for an outline of the key rules:

Fixtures will be released at the end of GW30 once qualification is complete, check out your opponent and let us know who you are facing, if you are successful in that tie then you will be randomly drawn against another winner the following GW. The league cup will climax with the final in GW38 and we have prizes for the winner, runner up and the 2 losing semi finalists.

Even more reason to make sure your team is all set for the run in and especially for those that don’t think they can win a prize in the league this is a great alternative to focus your attention on. The winner of our league cup is awarded a prize that is equivalent to finishing 5th in the league so well worth going for!

We would love to know who you get drawn against in the first round, so let us know and tag us on socials. We hope that with this game it is much easier to keep up with who you are playing and the latest scores via the official site/app.

Good luck to everyone, except the FFUKer that I am randomly drawn against of course, as long as I qualify!



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