GW29 review – Done & Dusted


So double games week 29 has been and gone and wasn’t it a busy one.

International break – Done & Dusted

Biggest Double Games week so far – Done & Dusted

Brendan Rodger’s time at Leicester – Done & Dusted

Graham Potter @ Chelsea – Done & Dusted

Chelsea being in the top half of the table – Done & Dusted

Harry Kane’s credibility as a man – Done & Dusted

Since you last heard from us at FFUK towers 3 managers have found pastures new, they can tell us all they like it was a mutual decision, but we all know they were pushed.

Spurs said goodbye to Conte – actually that one may be mutual, Conte was not a happy (Easter) bunny.  Spurs were 4th when they sacked him, yeah the football was rubbish but they were 4th what I would have thought a successful season for Spurs, I mean its basically a trophy right Chris?

Leicester waved Brendan off, Leicester are 2nd from bottom and the very definition of a team who is “too good to go down”  however good they are they are still currently getting relegated, strange timing but I can see the owners point. Plus it frees up ol’ Brenners for Tottenham.

Chelsea finally bit the bullet and sacked off Potter, results have been poor, performances poorer but is it really down to one of England’s darlings Graham Potter? yes, he had a tough job integrating numerous players but Todd has spent 600 Milly, I think it’s fair to expect Chelsea to make it into the top half of the table. 

Anyway its all very funny, don’t feel sorry for Graham I think the reported 50 (FIFTY) million pound pay-out will help him struggle through, at Least Mudryk will be happy and maybe they’ll buy a striker soonish. I wonder if all these rumours of FFP coming back to bite them in the arse are true. Who would have thought buying hundreds of players for crazy money and banging ‘em all on 8 year deals wasn’t a good one?  

Since I started writing this its got even funnier, Frank Lampard is back in the dug out, his first 84 games in charge were apparently not enough of a warning, Tod Boehley really is a great, great man. All jokes aside having Frank in for the rest of the season is probably a sensible move for the Blues. To be fair he seems like a nice enough chap and I have let the hate for him leave my body now he stopped playing (and scoring!) for those twats from the King’s Road, I see my change of heart as personal growth, at least it’s not John Terry in charge.

Before we get on to the points, I think we need to talk about The Captain of England Harry Kane.

It seems that these days the characteristics that define you as a man are everchanging, not wearing a dress or being the owner of a penis are not necessary anymore. However, not acting like a little b*tch still is.

In the midst of Everton Vs Spurs there was an incident. Everton were on top in this game that could have a large say in who goes down this year. There was a little tussle and Doucouré’s hand flicked up and may have brushed the England Captain’s eyelash, if this happened to any of us on the pitch we would play on, some of us would remember it for later and some of us would probably not have even noticed. Not Harry Kane, oh no, the England Captain proceeded to throw himself on the ground as if Tyson Fury had crushed a big right hand into his face. He went down. He stayed down for the next 5 minutes, coincidentally until the ref had brandished a red card to the Everton player. It was poor, poor form. In fact it was worse than that, it was cowardly and not befitting of a Country’s leader. He has made me ashamed to be English – thanks Harry.  

So what else has happened?

Only the biggest double games week of the season so far. Numerous strategies were mooted – Free-Hits, hit and bench – Boosts boosted, what did you do? Had you spent the previous few weeks planning sensibly so you had a good number of players playing twice, could you activate your Bench Boost to maximum effect or did you take the lazy way out and use that Free Hit. Ward not playing was a fly in the ointment for me and Haaland’s last minute injury did not help either but I was committed to the Bench Boost and a minus 4 saw me have 29 chances for points within my team. Good enough for me!

12 teams had a bumper double, player points were huge and scores were big.

The team of the week scored 156 points – how did you do?

Some surprises there, West Ham with three defenders in there must be a first! The Mitoma train rumbles on with a 14 point haul (I regret listening to the statisticians and plumping for March every FFuking weekend!) and Newcastle continue their march for the Champions league with Joelinton (14) making a rare appearance in the team of the week.

Newcastle are now 77% on for a top four finish, wow, well done Eddie!

Those who played safe with Rashford as Captain were rewarded for their cowardice (or sensibility, you choose) as his redemption in front of goal continues, a 12 point week enough to keep most of us happy, even more impressive considering the lacklustre performance of Manchester United these days, especially without Casemiro.  

In FFUK there were 15 wildcards played, 7 free hits, 4 triple captains and 107 (one hundred and seven) Bench Boosts – that has got to be a record.

The high chip usage saw huge scores across FFUK with 148 of us entering the 100 club. Jason Beale top scored with 151 points, mate that’s huge, I’m in awe, well done sir!

This has all meant a little bit of movement in the top ten, we have a new Leader! Vik’s All Stars amassed 141 points and lead the way into the run in! Well done Vik!

Not long to go now and its getting tense!

We also need to say goodbye to another intrepid Manager, this week its one of our own as the FFUK admin team’s influence in the Conts dwindles further. Justin McCarthy’s Royal with Eze’s 94 points just not enough this week. Im sure its of no consolation but that is a massive number to leave the Conts with, but I’m certain he can assure us all he is OK and looking forward to focusing on the league.

But the league is not all that is left for us, the League Cup qualifying starts this week so we all have one more shot at glory. Check it out here for more info.

Good luck all and I shall leave you to your tinkering, I hope that you have planned better than me and loading your team up with double games weekers for last week has not left you gazing at your team wondering what the FFUK you were thinking!

Just give us a clue Pep!

Done and dusted

GW 29 review busted

I shouldn’t have rushed it

Is Haaland a must have?

Mark Nuisance Value (8th)

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