GW37 REVIEW – It’s not over yet


It’s not over yet, but it nearly is now!

I am going to try and write a punchy review that avoids mentioning either him or them! You know him, the guy who scored all the goals, and them, those who won another league title, so many out of so many in the last so many seasons (YAWNS). Yeah, these two! Its going to be a horrible day for them at Wembley when their treble bubble pops! (Insert crazy eyed delusional emoji)

Well, what a great season this Premier League has been, it has delivered on so many fronts, a title fight that has gone the distance (albeit we all knew who would knock out who), capitulations from credible top 4 candidates LIV, TOT & CHE, and not forgetting the survival of the 3 recently promoted teams, at the expense of teams not many would of bet on to go down!!

Despite ‘his’ goals tally, Kane has still run him close btw, just 20 points shy of ‘his’ points total! Is that 1m of budget worth the difference for 20 points? or is 1m the price you pay for FOMO? What will their price difference be next season, 2 million? Will ‘Arry’ end up a red devil and potentially help to support a close price differential! Is ‘he’ essential @Peter Cronin?

I pulled this review title together a few weeks back, and frankly I think it is still very valid, because when is your FFUKING season actually over?

Take Don Mac, our Conts runner up, he has changed his team name to ‘on the beach’ but I see he is 2nd by one point in a another league, everywhere you turn there is something pulling you back in for one more hit, one more game week!!!

When do you fold your cards? When does your interest soften? For some its early, but for some the lure of a final push is just too much! Not you though Tim McEwan, you chose to go up a mountain as opposed to a beach – Well done you btw!

The beauty of this FFUKing league and this FFUKing game, is there is so much you can get involved in and the value you get from that entrance fee is fantastic, and never truly recognised until the fat lady has sung, which is what a mate of mine said in reference to LCFC not getting relegated. Leeds and LCFC to go down, my prediction!


So, let’s all take a moment to congratulate our KING CONT, the man who booked Don Mac’s ticket to the sun and sand, ADAM ALOOF. Well done, a fantastic achievement!! It can become an enjoyable environment the CONTS and the last few game weeks, or maybe not so, depending on whether it is ‘Over’ for you elsewhere or ‘Not over’ elsewhere. Given you are in a top 20 position right now, with the chance to pocket yet more cash, having already secured the FFUK H2H League one title along with promotion to the championship (£100), a fantastic securing of yet more COIN (£300 with a £50 donation to Football Beyond Borders on your behalf).

May you walk ‘Aloof’ into the wilderness of the CONTS, a Cantona like swagger, but remember, once a CONT always a CONT Adam!

Click below to learn more about this great charity!

Football Beyond Borders


With Phil Redgrave also already promoted from the H2H League one, there is a tight cluster for the 3rd play off spot, clearly ‘NOT OVER’ over for a few FFUKers……….

H2H league one – top

In the Championship Joseph Collins and Mark (Edison Cavani) Tarbox have already secured their promotion to the prem but will Steven Almond go ‘NUTTY’ for that 3rd place spot!

H2H championship – top
H2H Championship bottom

And here is the table for the H2H premier. 3 up 3 down at the end of the season.


  • TOT 1 – 3 BRE – Mbuemo 16pts
  • BOU 0 -1 MUN – Casemiro 9pts
  • FUL 2 – 2 CPA – Mitrovic 13pts
  • LIV 1 – 1 AVI – Luiz 9pts
  • WOL 1 – 1 EVE – HWANG 11pts
  • NFO 1 – 0 ARS – Felipe 9PTS
  • WHU 3 – 1 LEEDS – Bowen 13pts
  • BRI 3 – 1 SOT – Ferguson 14pts
  • MCI 1 – 1 CHE – Ortega 16pts
  • NEW 0 – 0 LEI – Trippier 9pts
  • BRI 1 – 1 MCI – Foden 12pts
  • MUN 4 – 1 CHE – Martial/Fernandes 8 pts


This looks to be wrapped up, bar the celebrations from John Harper! BTW, currently 265th IN THE FFUKING WORLD!!!! 11.5 MILLION PLAYERS!!!!





So, without FFUKing game week scoring suicide, John should take home the title of FFUK Champion! (£500)

After that, and with such a healthy prize pool, who will fill the top 10 and top 20 spots……………. I am hoping to take one of those spots currently sat 19th, I could also secure 3rd in the H2H premiership, having been rock bottom for a good few weeks!

FFUK me, its ‘NOT OVER’

Top 20 going into GW38


A great return from Steven Patterson in a frankly terrible game week, but it wont be enough to secure Coin sadly!

GW37 Best scores

For a run down of all the best GW scores so far this season including the current top 5 click here

That all from me FFUKERS, enjoy the last week of the season, may it be every thing you dream of!

Daron Russell, 19th with 2511 pts, 44,644 in the world – IT’S DEFINITIELY NOT OVER!!!!

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