Welcome to the new site for the FF UK Fantasy Premier League!

Welcome, come in, have a seat, would you like a cup of tea? or something stronger? Eden Hazard is just over there by the bar, and there’s Alexis Sanchez at the pool table with Memphis Depay.

Thats enough of the chit chat. We need to talk about the FF UK mini league. The fact that you are reading this implies that you know just how serious this all is.

This is the place to come to see the latest news regarding the FF UK mini league. We will be posting updates, uploading videos, giving details of prizes, doing cup draws and generally talking all things fantasy football and some that are not.

We will also be giving out hints, tips, interviews with players and much much more. You can get involved too, ask a question, tweet us, boast about your weekly score, come and comiserate when your captain pick fails miserably. We are all going to be one big happy fantasy family.

Thats all for now. Fantasy Premier League game is now live. There are a couple of rule changes to look out for. Select your 15 man squad. Enter the mini league. Arrange payment of £10 to your agent. Then sit back and basque in the glory that you could be managing the future FF UK champions. Or in Pete’s case finishing in the top half. Well we all can dream.

See below for a list of those who played last season and their agents and the latest video*

*Latest Fantasy Football Video is currently in production for now check out some of the best goals from last season


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