Well I wanted to put it off, wait a few weeks, until the end of the transfer window to make full use of any last minute additions. It is now looking like that luxury is not one I can take advantage of. I had a slow GW1 followed by a dismal GW2. My big hitters simply havent turned up. Hazard, Ivanovic, Rooney, Walcott, Ramsay all useless. I am cutting my losses.

I had to drive up to Edinburgh this week and it has given me a lot of time to think, as I made my way up the M6 I tried to find some decent music on the radio finally found a local dance station and as I pondered the wildcard whilst sat in traffic a song came on that made my decision for me. Was it fate? Destiny? Coincidence? Or was I reading too much into finally finding some half decent music on the radio? I had to take it as a sign so as I checked in to my hotel room in Carlisle I knew I had an hour before going for dinner and drinks. I was tired and grubby after a long day. But sleep wasnt on my agenda. I knew I could spend maybe 50 minutes tinkering, realligning my squad. I then jumped in the shower full of confidence, I knew I had made the right decision. Dead wood gone, it was just an early abhorration, the new squad cant fail. Can it? Oh well now I really have pushed the button

Pete now gives us his thoughts below on whether this is the week he should have used his Wildcard.

I’m now very scared.

Should I have used my wildcard on Sunday? Why did I? I certainly don’t feel super-confident all of a sudden. Not since I got just 27 points last week.

I did a tot up the other day and so far all these big players are yet to score a goal, an assist, clean sheet or bonus: Ivanovic, Hazard, Rooney, Walcott, Mane, Costa, Cazorla, Ramsey, Fabregas, Kane, even Berahino, Sakho. And none of them are guaranteed to get any points this weekend either. The effect of this has been a massive uptake of early transfers and wildcards early this season with the above names out and ‘form’ players in (Kompany, Mahrez, Ayew, Lukaku, Gomis etc.)

And the knock on of that is price rises for form players and falls for non-performing players. In my opinion the financial consequences of this situation on my team (while everyone is changing their players) is potentially catastrophic. So I used my wildcard on Sunday which has already given me the freedom to both protect my team value and re-structure my team.

But I’m scared. If I put in all the form players will they continue to reap rewards? Or will they do little this weekend and instead Hazard will start scoring, Chelsea will get a clean sheet and Arsenal will win 5-0 with 5 different scorers. Damned it.

To be honest my current thinking is to cash in on a few of the early price risers who I want in my team anyway; Mahrez, I’ve swapped out Kolorov for Kompany (rotation risk), Hazard for Sanchez and Walcott for Toure. All sounds sensible right?  I’m going to keep 2/3 of the players I had in gameweeks 1 or 2, I put them there for a reason and all are about to hit good fixtures. Form or fixtures? Both. Anyone who has the balls to put Lukaku in before Man City, Spurs away, Chelsea away and Swansea away and comes out on the other side smiling is a better man than me. Wish me luck.

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