Welcome to a new regular feature, each Tuesday (or after each gameweek) we will post an image of the first page of the FFUK mini league leaderboard.

Are you on Page 1? Or are you plummeting down the league? Either way keep up to date by visiting here each week.

Congratulations to John Gordon who is the early pace setter. Notable mentions at the top of the league for Amy Cronin (can you give some tips to your brothers please?), NPC, John McHugh and Robert Browne.

I have only just squeezed onto Page 1 but there are others that arent that lucky especially a few of the usual big boys who are languishing on Page 2. Pull your fingers out boys. In joint 49th posiition is Duncan Galloway. Will you stay on Page 1 for next week, there are plenty on your tails who hope not.

Long way to go. The transfer window isnt even shut yet. Im just off to meet John Stones to show him whats what on the Fulham Road!

Screenshot 2015-08-25 at 7.39.26 PM

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