Here it is in all its glory. Page 1 of the FFUK league table. Did you make it?

Screenshot 2015-09-29 at 8.30.07 PM

So how did it all unfold?

It was a case of the haves and the have nots once again. This time though it wasnt the uber cheap picks doing the damage. It was one of the revelations of last season, Alexis Sanchez. Despite strong underlying stats from weeks before these were his first goals of the season. They were much needed as many Sanchez owners were getting twitchy transfer trigger fingers. Did you take out Sanchez too soon? Or did you hold out and get your rewards?

In the FFUK league we have a new leader, Vivaek Venkat (1st) who was thankful for Kevin De Bruynes 14 points as his captain, his 45 points was solid if unspectacular. Close behind Vivaek is Toby Glicher (2nd) who has surged to the upper echelons depsite not owning Alexis Sanchez, his only Arsenal player is the Chelsea legend Cech – very surpirsing for an Emirates Season Ticket holder. Maybe he knows something we dont. Lester Deeble (3rd) had a frustrating week as very few of his players scored many and he now has to shift out Callum Wilson after his injury which combined with Gradel & Mings’ injuries mean that Bournemouth’s positive start to the season is threatening to be derailed before it has run its course. James Page Chatton (4th) had a brilliant GW scoring 68 points, thanks mainly to Sanchez, Coutinho and Vardy, if only he had gone with Alexis captain but still a worthy effort and he looks strong now going forward. Jonathan Britcher (5th) completes the top 5. Close behind is the resurgent Chris Norman (6th) who also scored 69 points. This score was beaten on Page 1 by Olly Wimshurst (43rd) who scored 71 points thanks to his captain pick, guess who? However all this is small fry compared to Steven Powton (24th) who amassed a whopping 82 points from his team largely thanks to his midfield trio of Mata, Sanchez & Coutinho. Steven i suggest you claim your score for best GW so you are in the running.

Other notable mentions on Page 1 include Matthew Wright (16th) and Stan Maniak (42nd) who were the lowest scorers on Page 1 with 31 and 30 points respectively. Are you confident your luck will change or does your squad need radical help? And there is a familiar name propping up Page 1, last years champion, Neil Stewart (50th). After a less than spectacular start, his resurgence continued thanks to his playing of his All Out Attack chip. Fair play. Is this a sign of things to come or will Neil be back down on Page 2 next week?

Long way to go but things are taking shape. Its vital to remember though that 1 week can change everything. There are only 60 points between 1st and 50th and Sanchez alone would have netted you 40 points as your captain if you were lucky enough to pick the crafty chilean. Who will next week’s superstar player be? Well if I knew that then I would be a lot higher up the league myself.

Bring on GW8 before we take a well earned international break!

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