Lets get Pivotal!

Wow. What a Gameweek!

There is only one man to talk about, what a player, what a beautiful specimen of a man, skillful, passionate, quick, incredible power, adored by his own fans, envied and admired by everyone else. Has the ability to make something out of nothing, to turn a game on its head in a second. One of the few World Class players in the Premier League. He has been quiet this season, we were all wondering if he had lost it, if injuries had caught up with the little magician? Would our patience be rewarded? Well this week, for those that remained calm, he repaid the faith. Lee Cattermole is back.

Sorry not Lee Cattermole, Sergio Aguero! I always get the two mixed up. Aguero scored 5 goals in a 20 minute blitz against Newcastle to reward his patient owners. The obligatory 3 Bonus followed meaning he scored a massive 25 points. 50 if you captained him. 75 if you treble captained him.

Congratulations to Mark Turnbull who used his triple captain chip on the Argentinian wizard. 75 points will be difficult to replicate even in a double GW later on in the season. If there was an award for best use of the new chips, you would be hot favourite. Unfortunately there isn’t but we could certainly introduce this next season if managers are keen.

Many of us have been waiting for the season to kick into gear, for the big guns to turn up and show us what they can do. Sanchez in GW7 and Aguero in GW8 have certainly turned up the temperature. The game is coming to the boil. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the Fantasy Kitchen!

In the FFUK league there is so much to cover. Aguero was captained by 58 in the league which is exactly 50% of all the teams. I am guessing it was a glass half empty weekend for much of the 50% that didn’t. More tellingly on Page 1 of the leaderboard 37 out of 50 managers captained Kun. If you didn’t then there were other big scorers this weekend like Sanchez and KDB and even regular favourites Payet, Vardy and Ayew that meant it wasn’t all that bad as long as you were on one of the big scorers.

We have a new leader at the top, James Page-Chatton (1st) leads the way for the first time this season, his 99 points thanks largely to Aguero with supporting roles played by Sanchez, Vardy and Payet. Congratulations James, you are the man to beat at the moment, Im guessing you will be applying for the vacant Liverpool managers job?

However, close behind is Nick Wilkins (2nd) who scored an eye watering 114 this GW with all the aforementioned players getting his points. This is the best GW score of the season so far and will be very hard to beat. Nick you need to claim your best GW score, check out the tab on the blog homepage for more details.

Former leader, Lester Deeble (3rd) played his Wildcard and fortunately held on to Kun. He would have dropped considerably if he hadnt. Did you think about getting rid Lester? He also brought in Vardy and Sanchez so I guess all in all the Wildcard was worth it. Duncan Hannigan (4th) with his fantastic 5 relied on KDB as his captain. Duncan, if you had gone with Aguero you would have broken that 100 point barrier. Still Rodgers has been sacked so it isn’t all bad for you at the moment! Vivaek Venkat (5th) drops in the league as he also went for the ginger Belgian over Kun as his captain. He also now has a couple of suspensions in the form of Dier and Lens to sort out. Mark Turnbull (6th) is a new face up at the top thanks to his triple captain chip. I wonder if he knows the lottery numbers for next Saturday? Jonathan Britcher (7th), myself (11th) and Paul Baker (12th) all achieved similar scores and maintained league position. Somehow Pete Cronin (13th) keeps rising and this week managed to get to the holy ground of 100 points! Well done Pete! I have written to FPL to check that there isn’t a problem with the game software but until I hear back from them I am going to assume that this is the issue. Normal service will be resumed soon, won’t it?

Other notable names on Page 1 include Matt Cox (14th) who nearly top scored this week with 113 points thanks to all the usual suspects plus Yohann Cabaye; he’s on many watchlists after an impressive display for an attack minded Crystal Palace. Damien O’Neill (50th), Jim Whitley (48th), Dan McBrearty (25th), Alistair McNeill (23rd) & Gavin Buckland (18th) all got into triple figures, a great feeling for any fantasy manager. Respect.

Ominously last season’s 1st and 2nd, the Stewart brothers, Neil (37th) and Jamie (45th) are now both up on to Page 1 for the first time this season. Its been a while and they have both been very quiet so far, wonder why? Keep an eye on them to see if their resurrection continues and whether the cream does indeed rise to the top.

However there were some massive fallers and its only fair to highlight these as well. The most spectacular is Ben Radjenovic (95th), a fantasy football veteran exiled in Australia, who was 31st going into the gameweek and fell an amazing 64 places in 1 week. Incredible. I don’t think I need to tell you who isn’t in his team, he took out Kun 2 weeks ago! He in fact scored the lowest score in the whole league this week. However, as a fantasy stalwart I have no doubt he will be back, will he bite the bullet and get Aguero back in though?

One other person I have to mention is my Uncle, Duncan Galloway (81st). He decided to transfer out Aguero this week, probably not the wisest decision he has ever made. Not that anyone could foresee what could happen (apart from Mr Turnbull) but it could have been so much worse for him. He bought in Sanchez and Vardy (and Berahino) who got him points but hindsight is a wonderful thing. I’m guessing he will hope that Aguero doesn’t do anything similar in the near future otherwise it will twist that fantasy knife.

So was this gameweek pivotal? It feels that way, it was certainly exciting. I can’t help feeling that there is another one of these GWs just round the corner…

Is your team ready?

Check out Page 1 of the FFUK league below…

Screenshot 2015-10-05 at 5.57.10 PM

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