October’s Cup Qualification is now complete.

Did you make it into the top 64 places for the 1st round of the FFUK Cup? If not then did you make the next 32 seeds for the Challenge Cup?

Check out the tabs on the blog for both cups to see the confirmed seedings, remember your number and watch out for the first round video draw on Thursday evening coming to you LIVE from FFUK Headquarters in Switzerland Watford.

Below are some cup stats for you:

Of the 64 players in the FFUK Cup, 18 are not in the Top 50 in the league.

This means that 4 players in the Top 50 did not make the FFUK CUP (those 4 did make the Challenge Cup, by the skin of their teeth in some places)!

The lowest placed player who got into the the FFUK Cup is 98th in the league, Lee McNamara.

October seeds 63,64,65,66, as well as seed 96 was decided by overall rank due to draws for those places.

Andy Faulkner (64th in FFUK league), Euan Philips (66th), James Coffen  (77th) and Daron Russell (86th) all finished the qualification month on 220 points but overall rank decided. This meant that Andy and Euan made the FFUK Cup, James and Daron have to wait until next month for the Challenge Cup to start!

Chris Norman (51st) and Steven Black (111th) both finished on 182 points for October and drew for 96th place, unfortunately the overall rank meant Steven Black did not make the cup.

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