GW11 saw the end of Qualification for the FFUK Cup. Did you make it? Check out the Cup post and tabs on the blog to see the seedings for the FFUK Cup and the Challenge Cup. Watch out for the first round draw taking place this Thursday evening.

Chelsea’s abysmal form shows no sign of letting up, relegation looms, how long can Jose hang on for? Of course Pete and I can explain all the reasons for this and how to resolve them but this isnt the place for that… Phew! I hear you say! Dont worry we will be covering Chelsea in the October Review Video later this week.

The big FPL points scorers this week were Coutinho, Koscielney, Ighalo, Otomendi & Mahrez on Saturday and Bertrand, Lukaku and Kone on Sunday. Jamie Vardy also continued his incredible recent form with another goal for Leicester, will he ever stop scoring?

See below for page 1 of the FFUK league table and a review of the GW.

Screenshot 2015-11-03 at 4.50.27 PM

Lester Deeble (1st) is back at the pinnacle. His 79 points this week was largely thanks to Kane (c) but ably supported by Mahrez, Ozil, DDG & Super Jamie Vardy.

Hot on his heels is Stan Packham (2nd) who continues his incredible recent form – Stan is the top points scorer for October. He went with Lukaku (c) but also was thankful to Mahrez, Vardy, Pelle & Cech for his points haul.

Toby Glicher (3rd), James Page-Chatton (4th) & Mark Turnbull (5th) all continued with decent performances from their teams. Mark in particular has been very strong in recent weeks & was 2nd overall for October. You dont want to face any of the form managers in the cup if possible!

The top points scorer on Page 1 was Robert Browne (27th) with 84 points thanks to Yaya (c), Coutinho, Mahrez, Benteke & Butland all doing damage. His GW total was only beaten by one team in the whole league. Graeme Letts (82nd) received 93 points thanks largely to Lukaku (c) but supported by Mahrez, Benteke, Kane & Cech. Can Graeme continue to rise at the same rate next week?

Reigning Champion Neil Stewart (40th) managed 56 points this week. His choice of Mane (c) didn’t really pay off but he was grateful for points from Mahrez, Vardy & Butland to ensure he remained in a solid position on the 1st page.

Squeezing on to Page 1 is Jim Whitley (49th) with 73 points from Pelle (c), Lukaku, Mahrez & Vardy. As far as I am aware Jim is the only former Premier League and International Footballer we have in the FFUK league!!! But let me know if I’m wrong.

Thats your gameweek review, look out for the cup Draw & October Review videos later this week.

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