Its Christmas.

Actually its boxing day.

Wow. What happened?

We have just witnessed a whole GW in 1 day. Take a minute to digest that. Let it sink in. Are you ok?

Its worth remembering that its a fine line between fantasy football and life! How do you keep on top of all these issues? Luckily we have a solution, a remedy… relax. We drink and we eat. And we drink and we eat. And relax. As much as is humanly possible, eating and drinking, and fantasy football, how can we rest until there’s not one sausage roll or kettle chip or mezut ozil left. At least thats how I do it, all in the name of our Lord Christmas. Amen.

Enough of the Nativity, we have got a proper Xmas Special for you. It took hours to prepare, pages of writing, years to dream of and a lot of very strong cider.

But eventually, once we worked out what was going on, we filmed something for you. It is kind of a Christmas Special.  It is Special! And you are gonna love it. Ive got a white russian in my hand right now and I’m now catching up with Match of the Day on the TV, this is the life, tis the season, Enjoy the video… Merry Christmas!

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