Happy New Years Eve. How do you plan to see the New Year in?

After the last GW of the year its a time to take stock, is it too early to celebrate? Or are you more in comiserating kind of mood? Whatever. Fear not because it is just a couple of days until we do it all again. But before GW20 starts off 2016 we need to review GW19.

Best GW Player: Mezut Ozil 14 points (1 Goal, 1 Assist, 3 Bonus, 1 Clean Sheet plus appearance)


The German wizard has showed a level of consistency that is unparalled in midfield, he now sits on 3 goals, 16 assists and 23 bonus for the season and sits in 2nd behind Mahrez in midfield standings. Sometime when you watch him he is at a level way above anyone else on the pitch, his languid style is deceiving but incredibly effective. Is there anyone out there without the German International in their squads?

Elsewhere other players who ended the year with a decent points return include Ozils less fancied team mate, Gabriel who also managed 14 points this week. Lukaku continued his good recent form with 2 more goals and the max bonus. Whilst Stoke’s attacking pair of Shaquiri & Arnautovic once again ran riot, this time against Everton plundering 13 & 12 points respectively. These 2 certainly look the real deal.


How did all the action from GW19 affect the FFUK league table?

Screenshot 2015-12-31 at 1.07.01 PM

Its all change at the top again. Mark Turnbull (1st) is at the summit going into 2016. Will it be his year? This week he could rely on 87 points from his squad, impressive. His decision to remove Puncheon for Arnie was inspired. But it was his captain Ozil who really sealed the deal. Well played Mark, can you hold on to top spot?

Richard Harrison (4th) is the other big mover in the top 10. Rich used his WC to great effect and was once again able to call on Ozil (c) but had support from Lukaku, Arnie, Bellerin & Hennesey to help with his tilt for the title. Brilliant use of the WC, well done for holding off so long, you’re squad now looks very healthy going forward.

However there was one team that broke the 100 point barrier. Congratulations to Jimmy Prebble (36th) who used his bench boost (+24) in scoring a whopping 102 points – Jimmy I have added your score to the best GW leaderboard on the site as requested, at least there is one Chelsea fan doing well. In fact the best GW scores and MOTM have both been updated – do you have a score on there?

Remember things can change quickly in this game. Spare a xmas thought for David Smith (35th), after last week’s heroics, this GW it was back to earth with a bang. His 3 city attackers blanked and what made it worse was that he captained one of them. Along with Azpi’s 9 points on the bench this was all a bit of a sickener. Write this one off Mr Smith and better luck next year.

Finally there is a new team in the top 50, for the first time this season. Daron Rusell (50th) has finally made it. It has taken him over half the season but he has done it. Congrulations Daz, with 75 points this week courtesy of Ozil (c), Lukaku, Kane, Cech & Sagna. Can he stay there?

You will have noticed that myself (23rd) and Pete Cronin (26th) dont feature too regularly on these reviews. Well its not for the want of trying. Unfortunately both my team and Pete’s have been struggling in recent weeks. Have we taken our eye off the FPL ball with all this organising? Or is it that we have been focussing too much on our cup ties? Well we are both out of the cup now – Pete will be providing us all with a cup update tomorrow so look out for that.

No excuses from me, I have absolutely no idea why I chose Ramsey as captain this GW over Ozil (except a certain Mr Baker already informing me that he was going with the dodgy eyed German), I should know better. Next year no more silly mistakes.

However I know Pete is in a desperate state of mind right now, im not sure he even noticed christmas and he certainly doesnt have anything planned for New Year, how can he when there are spreadsheets that need his careful attention. He has spent the majority of the festive period on the Fantasy Football Scout forum asking for help, its sad to see a grown man begging for advice, admitting he just doesnt know anymore. I expect that next time anyone sees him he will look like Ian Beale when he turned into a tramp in Eastenders.


I heard someone the other day describe the playing of Fantasy Football as loving Monday to Friday getting your team ready, analysing, pontificating only to hate the weekends where it all falls apart. However bad your GW is you still come back for more the next weekend.

download (1)

Forget all the doom and gloom, we have a party to prepare for. Im off to a shindig in the big smoke to bring the New Year in and forget my fantasy troubles for one night. Put the bubbly on ice, line up the jaeger bombs and prepare to drink your body weight in booze. Throw on a splash of Eau De Toilette and get your glad rags on. Go out and meet people who dont know the back 4 for Norwich and who the set piece takers are at Stoke. They do exist, these strange beings, that dont think about football 365 days a year.

Happy New Year to all of you and personally I hope that 2016 is a lot better for my fantasy team and the team I support, Chelsea.





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