What is going on? I’m now so confused. Yesterday, I made my two transfers, gung ho and full of romance and then I thought to myself “ah, I have something good to say in the team talk”. I have since forgotten what that thing was, and since realising my forgetfulness have been questioning just about everything.

One of the questions that has arisen is this: Is it fun owning a player that you’ve never heard of?

The answer is yes, it’s absolutely great fun for about 8 hours! Are they gonna explode? Are they gonna be amazing? Who are they? No one knows, anything could happen. So goes my state of mind this week.

My transfer choices this week were:

Lukaku out for: Vardy (who has City and then Arsenal to play). Ighalo (who seems in mixed form and is against Spurs later). One of the new forwards signed in January. Enner Valencia who is just back from injury but showing good form.

And that move would give me the cash for:

Gosling upgrade to: Barkley (who has a blank in 2 weeks). Firmino (who has a blank in 2 weeks and seems to be a decidedly inconsistent player). Antonio (tasty, cheap and in form). Sigurdsson (yum yum).

I almost got Antonio but for what I think will be a tough match at Southampton. If I had a free wildcard he would probably be in but I don’t. And Sigurdsson is like an old friend to me; he served me well last season, he’s a nice guy, he’s good looking. Plus when he’s on form he returns again and again. That’s probably the most important factor isn’t it. Siggy in.

So then I thought back to when Aguero got injured and Lukaku was the right player to bring in and that I’d punted on Mitrovic instead. That cost me dearly. So what did I do?

Obviously I had another punt. There is no Lukaku this time, Vardy is coming for Gameweek 27, so why not have some fun! You can never have too many differentials right?

So, it gives me great pleasure to welcome unknown, untested, out of form and soon to be Premier League legend Paloschi to my team! What’s his first name? I don’t know! Andreas? That’s a guess. I know he has nice hair which I always think is a good attribute in a footballer.



A lairy Swansea double differential for me this week then, and I’m benching Mahrez…

Wow! I am currently one of only 808 people in the world that has brought in Paloschi. Differential? Madness? I feel like James Bond.

What’s the worst that can happen? Well the worst that can happen is that my team does nothing and is then obliterated by injuries and suspensions. A more realistic scenario is that this move messes up the transfers I should make while all around me teams enjoy success with tried and tested players. I’ll take that risk.

As always, best of luck to one and all.


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