The Huth Hurts.

Well it does if he is sat on your bench. I am just thankful that Aguero’s late goal meant he lost his clean sheet which would have meant he got 21 points, not to mention the fact that I had the armband on Kun. In fact Huth’s 16 points are therefore even more remarkable considering Leicester were away at title favourites Manchester City. It’s not often a defender scores twice. What a man. Its just a shame I couldn’t handle the Huth.

Riyad Mahrez returned to form in the destruction of City with an early assist followed by a sweet goal. Did anyone have both Huth and Mahrez on the bench? None that we could see although I’m sure the Huth is out there.

Screenshot 2016-02-11 at 1.39.59 PM

Defenders were the big points scorers this week as you can see from the team of the week above. Robert Huth’s heroics aside, there were also big performances from Yoshida, Lescott, Trippier & Coleman. Did any managers include any of these in their back lines?

Firmino continued his recent good form with a goal, assist and maximum bonus and looks a good pick going forward (except for the fact he misses a gameweek for the league cup final). Tom Cleverley also scored well once again and looks to be firmly in Everton’s first XI right now.

Up front the best scorers were Lukaku and Costa but with 9 points each the points certainly were a lot easier to find in defence and midfield this week.



Lets take a look at how all this affects the FFUK league below?

Screenshot 2016-02-11 at 1.40.30 PM

Mark Turnbull (1st) remains at the summit with a solid 67 points but the chasing pack are closing. His Kane (c) pick wasn’t great but he was thankful for points from Ozil, Mahrez, Toby & Cech which made his gameweek a lot more respectable.

Stan Packham (4th) had a much better week with 80 points. His Aguero (c) worked out ok but it was Cech, Toby, Dann, Mahrez & Ozil who really did the damage. Stan could even afford to leave Lukaku on the bench! In fact only 3 of the top 20 now own the big Belgian and of those 3 only 1 had the wisdom & foresight to play him and reap the rewards. I’ll leave you to work out who that was…

Stan’s score wasn’t the best on page 1, not even 2nd best. The best gameweek score on this occasion goes to Ally Edwards (48th) who managed an impressive 84 points. Cech (c) was a brave but ultimately beautiful move. Mahrez, Siggurdson & the inspired pick of Kieran Trippier also contributed but Ally also left Lukaku on the bench – just think what that score could have been.

Just behind Ally this week, Duncan Hannigan (13th) scored 82 points with his shiny new wildcard team. It looks to have paid off instantly as Aguero (c) along with Mahrez, Firmino, Toby & Cech all proved their worth. Keep an eye on Duncan’s side going forward – how will the wildcard work out for him long term?

The wooden spoon award this week goes to David Smith (50th) who clings on to the bottom of Page 1. His 44 points this week were largely thanks to Riyad Mahrez as none of his other players really turned up. Are Smithy’s Boys about to drop off Page 1 for good or are they going to rise once again?

David can console himself with the fact that even the best have bad weeks. Neil Stewart (35th) didn’t fare much better with 46 points and he can also thank the stars for Mahrez. Neil is likely to be attending to his squad right now, with two out of favour Spurs defenders among his issues.

So that’s your lot for this gamewek. It’s less than 48 hours til we do it all again and a quick look at the fixtures on Super Sunday tells us this will be an important weekend. Forget Valentines Day, some things are far more important – The Top 4 are all playing each other! How often does that happen? Newly appointed favourites for the league title, Leicester, go to Arsenal before Man City entertain Spurs. These two games will certainly feature plenty of fantasy players and owning the right ones will be more important than ever. Whatever you do make sure you don’t miss the games on Sunday as excuses just won’t do.

P.S. If you havent yet voted for the end of season award option click here




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