Chelsea v Manchester United - Barclays Premier League - Stamford Bridge


I am so bored. Bored and full of trepidation. I’m bored because the only transfer I made this week was a bench defender, getting rid of Johnny Evans, who I had taken a bit of a shine to this season. I’m full of trepidation because of the Sunday matches. Across the Arsenal v Leicester and Man City v Spurs matches I will have 7 players playing, including my captain, Aguero. If both of those matches are 0-0 then I’ll get 2 clean sheets. My 7 players would return me 27 points, leaving my other 4 badasses Payet, Siggy, Azpi and Butland to get me a decent week. However, if it all goes wrong I could get about 15 points from the tabletop clashes so my badasses better be bad today. I mean good. My badasses better be good. But bad. Good badasses.

Sorry. My lingering issue is that I dropped 5 places in the league last week and have been around 20th for what feels like the whole season. Oddly, Chris has always been a couple of places in front or behind me, like this week, Chris is ahead, 1 place, 2 points. It’s so boring. The only way to change this is to make crazy decisions in the hope that Alberto Paloschi scores a hat trick. But decisions like that mean I drop. So seemingly I’m stuck. So I might as well go boring. And hope for the best.

I’m sure I’m not the only one with these problems either. It’s just so hard to gain ground. Fair play to the players that have broken the Top Ten in recent weeks. But looking at the others they have been there for ages, and not because they have much better weeks than everyone else every single week, it doesn’t work like real football. Mark Turnbull has been at the top for 7 consecutive weeks now. Impressive, but Mark’s success is not by virtue of scoring wonder goals or showboating, the case is more about being steady, being solid, being good, week in, week out. Maybe I should just do that then, and be happy that I’m in 20th and not 29th, or 93rd again. Try and be more like Mark.

Maybe next week then Diego?



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