Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your pants, it’s the Gameweek 29 review. Yes, while I’m sure that everyone is beavering away in readiness for the upcoming gameweek, it is only right that we take a moment to sit back, sip some tea, and reflect on the exciting week that was Gameweek 29.

We’ll start with the riotous early match, the North London Derby, which ended 2-2. A proper, fiery NLD included an early away lead for Arsenal before Coquelin got sent to the dressing room early. Many had benched players for this match with Toby, Bellerin and Alli all scoring points on benches throughout the league.

Late goals for Stoke and Southampton meant their games v Chelsea and Sunderland both ended 1-1. Likewise, a late Newcastle goal was a clean sheet robber as Bournemouth beat them 3-1 at St James Park. West Ham took fans to the edge of the seat at Goodison. Everton went one up before Mirallas also got a sending off, before Everton then extended their lead to 2. Late on West Ham showed the Toffees who was boss with three late goals. Elsewhere Siggurdsson reiterated his form by beating Norwich 1-0, and in the evening match Leicester took their lead at the top to 5 points with a solid 0-1 success at Vicarage Road courtesy of the man Mahrez. The Sunday matches saw Liverpool beat Palace by 2 to 1 and then Pulis did the business at Old Trafford – the score? 1-0 of course.


Screenshot 2016-03-07 at 2.20.01 PM

So here we can see the difference between my 74 points and a 90-odd score. The Swansea clean sheet and goal for Siggy cemented their points for many teams. 40 teams (42 by the update) had captained Aguero and if it wasn’t for his penalty miss he would have scored even more. Few people own Toure and King is a shifty differential, few people would gamble on Diouf but Mahrez was in 49/50 teams in the Top 50 on Saturday and Payet’s in virtually every team in the Top 20. He’s a genius to be fair. A few benched Bellerin but some certainly capitalised on his points while I was a lucky(ish) VVD owner. Schmeichel’s certainly in a few teams too.


Now let’s check out the player pics!

Apparently, VVD is going to follow this sensational celebration with an M, a C, and an A with his next goals. Sounds like fun.

And this is a mini-montage of some of my faves!


Anyway that’s enough of that, how did this affect the FFUK league at this most important time?

Screenshot 2016-03-07 at 2.21.05 PM

Asides of the team of the week, there were points up and down the league for Kane, Toby, Sanchez, Lukaku, Daniels, Firmino, and Leicester. Who was clever enough to pick the right ones?

Loz Kelly (2nd) shifted Toby Glicher from 2nd place to change the Top Two for the first time since around Christmas with his 95 point haul. Aguero, Kane, Firmino, Daniels, Toby, Huth, Mahrez, Vardy, Sanchez, Payet, and bloody Butland is a list of his players. Vardy was the only one to blank and if Aguero had scored his pen Loz would have hit the century.

Paul Baker (4th) was the second highest gameweek score with 92 points but check this, he had another 29 points on his bench! Paul had a surpisingly different line-up to Loz showing the points on offer, particularly with Siggy, Williams, a Kompany clean sheet. Paul had Daniels, Toby, Bellerin, Alli and Adrian on the bench but I’m sure he’s not worried with a week like that.

As a person from the country would say: “an’ that be why them teams are at the top”.

Exactly. The crazy thing was last week that there were so many points that almost every team in the league enjoyed a big cake. Put it this way, there were only 7 teams in the Top 50 with less than 70 points. Massive. The nature of the game means that we’re all sharing the same players now, and there are few differentials that are going to make much difference on a week like that, with a load of the ‘big’ players doing the business.

So I’m not going to talk about the lowest scoring teams, as it seems silly, the lowest was 61 points!

But I will mention a couple that dropped off Page 1, I’m sure they won’t mind…

Na , not really, there’s enough woe ahead this weekend when teams will be battered, bruised or beaming like big bees as there are only 5 games coming up this weekend and not many teams will be fielding 11 players. But, as everyone will have 8-11 players from the same 10 teams it’s bound to be low scoring, and slightly painful; my defenders are all playing eachother, and my attackers are playing Villa, Newcastle and Norwich. Hold on. It could be massive! Still, I’d like to offer cakes to anyone who scores over 90 points this week. If anyone achieves such heights be sure to let me know and I’ll stick a muffin in the post for you. What could be better!








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