Bad boys, bad boys,what you gonna do, what you gonna do when they come for you?


It’s far too difficult to pick a team this week. Chris and Andy F have solved the problem by playing the AOA chip. I wish I had that chip still. Typically, on AOA weeks previously, instead of there being loads of goals and hardly any clean sheets it ends up going the other way, bore draws and low scores. I still don’t hope that will happen. I hope all my players score, all my defenders keep clean sheets, and Arnautovic picks up a knock so that Chris’s chip is wasted.

Anyway let’s not worry about me, or Chris. Bearing in mind several teams face no match next week due to FA Cup fixtures I thought I’d have a quick look at transfers. Unsurprisingly Cech’s injury has caused the most movement, with a straight swap to Hart the most common move. Maybe some will be benching Cech as there are also plenty of people bringing Butland, Schmeichel etc in. The people bringing in Gomez and De Gea may not have noticed that neither of those two are playing next week.

The same goes for Firmino who is one of the highest-transferred in players this week. Away to Palace this week could be a good choice but again he has a blank next week. Charlie Daniels is a big mover with some good fixtures for Bournemouth (I chose to bring in Boruc as my 2nd keeper this week), but far and away people have been bringing in Aguero who has Villa at home before Norwich away next week. Still many people have brought in Costa despite a reasonably tough home fixture to Stoke before a blank next week.

So what am I gonna do?

I’m a bad boy.

I don’t have any of these selection problems this week, on the face of it at least. I am ready for the blanks next week with a transfer ready to upgrade one player. This will leave me a full 11 players plus a defender on the bench and a choice of keepers. My problem is I again have too many players this week.

I have to bench one of: Mahrez, Ozil, Barkley, Siggy, Eriksen, Vardy, Kane and Aguero.

I have to bench one.



Analysis, logic, even punts rarely work, so what’s the solution? The solution is to ask someone I’ve never bet before what they think. He thinks that Arsenal will have a tough time at White Hart Lane, so I’m benching Ozil. Really? Yes really. And on my side is that the North London derby is the first match of the weekend. When it all goes wrong there should be plenty of time to recover yeah? Yeah.



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