Wicked Game & Little Lies

I have been away the last couple of GWs so have watched the fantasy premier league action unfold from afar, thanks to Pete for the last GW review. I am now back on home soil and have just caught up with all the latest highlights, Wow. Are you ready for the latest GW review?

Unusually, there were just 5 fixtures in played in GW30 meaning further double gameweeks in the future. Were you able to field a full XI? Did you need a hit to achieve this? This Wicked Game week definitely had the potential to catch a few of us out.

The most popular captain pick was Aguero (35 out of top 50), with the next most popular Kane (7/50). However the Argentine blanked in a 0-0 vs Norwich, as the rest of City’s midfield mercenaries failed to provide any real service for him. Vincent Kompany was, in fact, the best scoring defender this week.


Harry Kane did deliver for his owners against the hapless Aston Villa with both goals and maximum bonus in a 2-0 win meaning he was the joint best scoring player of the GW giving those who captained him a much needed boost. This left the hoards (including myself) to rue another missed opportunity. Dele Alli provided both the assists. Spurs continue to impress, but City are now surely out of the title race.


In midfield there were a few great performances. Max Gradel has been a revelation since returning from injury and was instrumental in Bournemouth beating Swansea 3-2. Sigurdsson also continued his good recent form and has Villa up next so will be a popular pick.

Southampton beat Stoke 2-1 with forgotten man Pelle getting both the Saints goals and Arnie getting the Stoke consolation.

Finally on Monday Night Football, Leicester continued their remarkable season with Vardy getting the assist for Okazaki’s spectacular bicycle kick goal that was enough to see off Newcastle in Rafa Benitez first game in charge for the Geordies. Is it now a straight shoot out between Leicester and Spurs for the title?


This is all well and good but how did this affect the FFUK league?

Screenshot 2016-03-15 at 3.57.53 PM

Mark Turnbull (1st) remains top but the chasing pack are closing in. The best top 10 performer this GW was Sam Blake (5th) with 78 points who selected Vardy (c) but also had Kane, Alli, Siggy, Kompany & Simpson providing plenty of points. As a spurs fan Blakey must be loving life right now, if only we could have 4 spurs players in our squads (cant believe I am saying this).

However the best GW score this week was a little further down the table. Congratulations to Sean Griffin (38th) who managed a whopping 87 points. This meant that Pete did not have to send any muffins out in the post. The Royal Mail are probably more relieved than anyone about this. Kane (c) was the secret ingredient but the rest of Sean’s picks were obivously pretty devastating too including Kompany, Alli, Siggy, Arnie & Fuchs.

2nd best GW score goes to Daron Russell (44th) who is also making a late surge up the table with 81 points. Once again Daron picked Kane (c) but also used his AOA to great effect even if he didnt have a playing GK, as his midfield contained Alli, Siggy, Arnie as well as Silva & Mahrez.

So its now time to look at those who perhaps took their eye off the ball and got one where it hurts. Its a joint wooden spoon this week for Vivaek Venkat (36th) & Lawrie Smith (45th) who both only managed 40 points. Console yourselves with the fact that there were worse scores (but not on page 1 of the table). Vivaek had 10 players and had to go with the unusual 5-2-3 formation but Mahrez (c) didnt help. Lawrie was left with just 8 starting players and Aguero (c). Fear not chaps, it could have been worse. I know you both have the experience to put this behind you and could it be a silver lining that you are left with players that others dont now own?

Finally I wanted to talk about Peter. Our fantasy relationship changed this week. In previous GWs we would discuss moves, options, transfer ideas, players we liked/didnt like, the odd bit of banter, always good natured, sometimes close to the bone. But then it all changed…

Pete messaged me to say that he had transferred in Josh King. I was surprised but not overly so, after all this was the man that bought in Paloschi. I gave him some honest feedback, and we moved on. I thought nothing more of it. We had done this what seemed like a hundred times before. Just in case this goes to a court of law (it’s inevitable really) dont worry i have evidence.

Then after the deadline had passed i thought I would check his team and to my horror it was there right in front of me. He copied me and bought in Arnie. I could live with the copying on its own, i guess its flattering and he has done this many times before but the lieing makes it so much worse. He even had the temerity to tell me that he wasnt keen on Arnie. What a wicked game to play.

I am not angry, just disappointed. Disappointed that he has had to resort to these lengths. His season is slipping away and he is getting desperate, its all very telling. So i guess that is it – the gloves are off, there will be no love lost. Its dog eat dog. Woof. What Pete seems to have forgotten is that I am organising his Stag do next month.

Its getting really tough at the top. We are now well into squeaky bum time, if you can control your excitement there are just 8 GWs left to play in this fascinating season. And now we have the added incentives of double gameweeks on the horizon.



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