After such an unpredictable season it was perhaps predictable that an unprecedented event would change everything. Here is a woman with a really annoying American accent to explain what happened.

The bomb squad’s inability to remember where it leaves it’s training devices is indeed alarming. What is perhaps more alarming is that they didnt realise their own mistake when the device was found. And these people are responsible for the safety of our country. Unbelievable Jeff.

More importantly where does this leave FPL. Well it leaves us hanging on with uncertainty, nothing is assured yet. Some of us still have players to play. Many of us have bench players to come in. The FFUK has updated but there is more to come. Manchester United will now play Bournemouth tomorrow night live on Sky Sports. Is there another twist in the tale?

Luckily Phil Collins saw all this in advance and penned the tune ‘One More Night’ just in case this ever happened. Thank you Phil, we knew we could rely on you. Can you have a word with those muppets at the bomb squad please?

We will of course announce the final standings after Tuesday night’s final game. I am currently praying to the FFUK gods that Big Chris Smalling starts and then I am also praying that he gets a clean sheet (or a goal) to win my side bet with Neil Stewart. I think 5 points wins it Neil so I can even afford a yellow card, but my maths may be off after an emotional rollercoaster of a weekend.


Worryingly, I am now reading reports that LVG will rest his stars ahead of the cup final on Saturday as Utd have little to play for in terms of league positions after City’s draw meant that Champions League qualification is now almost certainly out of the question. This could all be irrelevant to some but there are plenty in the league with DDG, Big Chris, Martial & Rashford the most popular picks that will eagerly be awaiting LVG’s team sheet ahead of the game against Bournemouth. So if any of you are sitting around wondering what to do with yourselves at this very uncertain time please take the time to…


I’m thinking of getting some t-shirts made up. My season may depend on the big man.

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