It’s been an emotional week. A very emotional week. I’m getting married in about 5 hours and that has been a massive distraction to fantasy football recently. In fact, I should probably blame my demise this season on my new wife. Early on, I tried to explain to her the importance of my hobby, my pastime, my passion, my love. Why does she think that if I love football I can’t love her too? Or love her at the same time? I do love her. I just want to focus.

Last night, in the taxi home, full of passion, apprehension and love one song kept on going round and round in my head. I played it the second I got home.


So please understand why it’s been so emotional. It’s been a seminal week, an absolutely pivotal week in the season, when prizes were won and lost, races were run, and run out. Unfortunately, I fall into the latter category. Run out. I’ll give Chris the £30 bet winnings when I see him. But two weeks ago I was above him, and to be fair we’ve been up and down like holidaying campers all season. He gets the prize, he gets the kudos, but on the plus side, I kept my tent up all season and don’t look too silly as it ends. When I look back over the season I see those moments in slow motion of me and Chris hugging, sending funny text messages, ultra-violence, and occasionally moments of care, moments of love when we both just stop the competition between us for a second because we want the best for each other. 


A massive double gameweek in the penultimate week of the season! Martial. Payet. Juan Mata? People are bringing Giroud in as I write. I had Boruc in my team for a while this season who scored well this week. And I had Butland, and Mahrez, and Vardy, I even got Kane in early. Oh the memories! What a ride it’s been!!!

I never really care where I end up in the league in all honesty… Ok, yes I care a lot but my point is, I realised about halfway through this season that no matter how badly the weekend had gone, I was buzzing with excitement by Thursday/Friday and all I needed was to do a little better, score a few more points, there is always hope, always something to play for. That’s the buzz! Anything could happen! (It does tie in well when your own team are performing too but sometimes you can’t have everything, all of the time…)



This season has been different to other seasons since the retirement of the big man Ian G, with Chris taking over and doing a phenomenal amount of work. Hopefully Chris and myself have made it fun for all you guys in the FFUK league with us, I assure you we absolutely have put every ounce of effort into doing so. We’ve deliberated for hours, we’ve exchanged, we’ve argued; a lot of the work Chris and I have done has been together, a little bit of each of us. What’s made it so worthwhile for us, and kept us going, kept us enjoying it beyond the fun of fantasy football itself, is the response, the involvement and the chat from you lot.

Apologies if I miss anyone out, but, seriously… Special thanks to Paul Baker for his articles and sterling performance too, to Duncan, JPC, JDS, Scott V and to Daz for the sensational phrone updates (congrats on your new baby too)… Remember those quizzes we had when not a lot was happening, utterly brilliant! Thanks to Blakey and Lester, Andy F, Turnbull and Tarbox, Coxy, Harrison, Neil G, Tom, Donald, Coolers and Bealers, Olly all the way from the UAE – bring back that Neil Stewart lad from work and get him involved! Shout out to James Cowpat man too and congrats also to my lil brother Steve, also in his first season.

This is from me not ‘us’ so I better thank Chris too. Thank you Chris. Next season! Next season! You’re a star x.

Right, I’m off to get married, need some serious points this weekend, and I love you Sarah!  😉


Family breakfast tomorrow and then home on Sunday for the final matches of this season. It’s gone so quickly! The season has flown by just like my engagement and now, in my new role as husband, it means I get to live with someone who doesn’t give a shit at all when I have a bad week in fantasy football. I’ll still have Chris to rub it in though.

As always, best of luck to one and all! Bring on the Euros (join our league!), and hope to see you at the end of season do!

PC x

Shit, this is better than my groom speech. Too late to worry about that now though…

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