Ladies and gentlemen. A couple of things to get through, prizes, player names, and the pleasure of a tournament!

What a game! You thought FPL was frustrating, how about this? Now if you mess up you get a load of chances to make it right, but with the UEFA website, it’s pretty easy to mess up playing!

In the first round you had up to 5 captain choices. I failed. 2 points for my captain after having it on Giroud (5) and Ricardo Rodriguez (6). I even changed my Monday captain from Jordi Alba (6) to KDB (2) at the last minute. In the end I finished with Hinteregger (1). Nice. And the thing is when the points are so sparse anyway  a good captain is unbelievable.

Put it this way, Matt Reid (1st) got his 12 points for Giaccherini doubled with a cheeky captain punt on a 5m defender who’s playing in midfield for Italy. The 24 points Matt earned is more than I got for Strinic, Jordi Alba, Rodriguez and Pazdan, and they all got clean sheets. No bonus points in this game is a big factor which has combined with low scoring games, and a lack of striker goals…



You probably want to know about the prizes you’re playing for! Well, prizes are very simple in this game. 26 players have entered which mean a prize fund of £130. We decided to work it out this way:

1st place – £90

2nd place – £30

3rd place – £10

No wooden spoon in this game. Top 3 are where it’s at and I suspect it’s all going to go a bit bonkers now that we’re into the second round of group games. Wildcards have been played and mistakes have been made, the safety’s off, the guns are out, and we shall surely see some risers and fallers over the next few days.



You may also want to know who the other fantasy managers are in the league, as the team/player names on the website are a bit wonky. Fortunately for you we decided not to ask you all to try and change your names on the UEFA website. That decision was made because in the end we couldn’t successfully change our own names! Still, the players, listed in current league order, are:



We sincerely hope you’re all enjoying Euro FF and enjoying the tournament itself! We’ll do another league update at the end of the group stages. The rules and tactics of this game are very different to FPL, mainly regarding substitutions and transfers. The main differences, if you want to read, are:

You can make substitutions every day, but it must be before the kick off of the first match. This makes it tricky as you have about 12 hours to reshape your team for each match.

You can not take a player back off the bench once they are subbed as some of you have already learned.

But you also get to change your captain each day. There were 5 gamedays in the first round of games, it’s already getting harder as now there are only 4 gamedays as we are in the second round of games. This round finishes Saturday night when you will get another transfer to use.

You also have a wildcard you can play at any time (to take this option try and transfer one or more player and the wildcard option will show). If you haven’t already used it we would advise you play it in one of two ways:

  1. This weekend before Matchday 3 to take advantage of the final games of the group stage.
  2. Alternatively save it for the Quarter finals. 

The reason for this is you will get unlimited transfers after the group stage that MUST be used before the kick off of the Round of 16 so you will not need the wildcard at that stage.

Of course, these are just our suggestions, you could save it but bear in mind you will get 4 transfers for the Quarter-finals, 6 transfers for the Semi-finals and another 6 transfers for the Final. We suspect you just won’t need it/benefit from it at the latter stages but if you’re sitting pretty anyway we’re sure it’ll be a nice bonus to max out your players.

As always, best of luck to one and all!



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