WELCOME BACK to all of you in the FFUK community!

WELCOME to any new players for this season, come in, make yourself at home, relax and join us!

Pete has been hitting the refresh button on the hour every hour for the last 3 weeks and we are delighted to finally announce that the new Fantasy Premier League website is live & this season’s game is now open. Once again entry is strictly by invitation only, but if you are here then someone must have invited you!

Sign up/Login below. Right here, right now!

WEBSITE: Get stuck in, the easiest way to start is by picking a team. All the rules of the game are stated on the FPL website and the Rules/Help section has a step by step guide of how to play.

MINI LEAGUE: The FFUK mini-league is also now open for business! If you were involved last season you should be automatically entered. If you are new to FFUK this season or you need the league code then please find it below:

FFUK MINI LEAGUE CODE 2016/17:       7277-3041

PRIZES: Last season we had over 100 players & a prize pot in excess of £1100. League winner Paul Baker walked away with £250 & Lester Deeble did pretty well too, earning himself £250 for his efforts. For details of all of last season winners check out the prize money tab. This season promises to be bigger & better! Prizes will be confirmed once season is underway. Don’t forget the best gameweek & monthly scores are in play right up until the end so there is always something to play for.

HELP: But we need your help to make this season the best yet… Do you have any friends/family/colleagues/team-mates that might want to join FFUK this season?

SHARE: If so please share this post (click on the relevant button at the bottom of this article) or give us their emails & we will invite them. We have new agents on board this season so are hoping for record participation & that means more prizes!

REGULAR FEATURES: Throughout the season we will be running all the usual features on the site plus a few new ones. Expect videos, weekly updates, gameweek reviews, team talks, articles, guest contributors, FFUK & Challenge Cupdates and more.

MORE: More details including analysis of the new FPL game & new rules/chips will all be here right up until the season kicks off on Saturday 13th August. Keep your eyes peeled for a couple of videos too. In the meantime check out the rest of the site if you havent already, have you seen our new HoF?

WHATSAPP: If you would like to join our FFUK WhatsApp group then send us your mobile, we are all already buzzing with excitement for the new season. We currently have 34 FFUKers in the group but plenty of space for more.

PAYMENT: Your agent will be in touch soon if they haven’t already. Please ensure you pay your £10 entry fee to them before the start of the season.

FEEDBACK: We would love to hear from you with any feedback about the season ahead or last season, any questions at all please let us know!

The excitement is building.

Good luck for the forthcoming season

Chris & Pete



One thought on “FPL IS LIVE, FFUK IS OPEN

  1. Hello, just joined. Please let me know how/where i can pay. I live in Amsterdam so will need your IBAN number as well if that’s ok?


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