FFUKers – we are now very close to the qualification period for this season’s cup competitions. Don’t worry if your league form has let you down, the cups provide a welcome alternative for many of us. For more information about how both the FFUK Cup and the Challenge Cup will work check out Pete’s post. The key thing right now is QUALIFYING which begins in GAMEWEEK 8.

The Qualification period is the October game month, Gameweek 8, Gameweek 9, and Gameweek 10 inclusive.

That means there are just 3 gameweeks for us all to qualify. The Top 64 for the month of October will be entered into the FFUK cup and the next 128 teams go into the Challenge Cup. Check out the relevant tabs on the website for the exact rulings and prizes available for each Cup.

Good luck for the month of October. We will announce who has qualified for each of the cups following Gameweek 10, as well as the initial fixtures of the Challenge Cup which starts in November. There will then be a live Video Draw for the FFUK Cup in November.

This is the buzz, the gates are open and we’re about to fill our cups.






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