Well that hurt. After all that build up (some of us) were expecting something akin to last season’s Gameweek 8. Instead the limp handshake of a gameweek that we have all just experienced, left me feeling uncomfortably numb. I blame the international break. And I blame Mourinho. Last night’s 0-0 draw between Liverpool and United just about summed up the gameweek for me. That match wasn’t even that boring was it? Just disappointing. 

The weekend had started well for me with Leicester not really arriving at Stamford Bridge on Saturday (or saving themselves for the CL again?) A solid 3-0 win for the Chelsea boys was most welcome, and it will be good to see them take this form into the United match next weekend. I guess the Gameweek 8 problems started for me when Aguero (-1) and SON (1) didn’t start their respective matches. And then Aguero came off the bench to miss a penalty. Don’t worry lads and ladettes, I of course reassured myself with the fact that I had not made the mistake of captaining said Sergio like half of the Top 50. Fortunately for me, Captain Sanchez (5) got an assist in, and Lukaku’s goal (8) was great, but then Saturday was polished off with a Benteke (-1) penalty miss. So that made two forwards with minus points for me. 

Come on MY SON!!!!

Seeing as I’d spent the international break taking a -8 hit, something needed to work on Sunday. My main man Holebas (15) came to the rescue with a goal, clean sheet and bonus, winning the game vs Middlesborough. But I had no Southampton players meaning a sigh of relief for not bringing in Tadic (1), mixed with a large dollop of Austin (13) envy.

And then came Monday. All I wanted was for Firmino (3), or anyone in fact, to score. No. Nothing. No goals, just some clean sheets for the lucky ones.

Anyway. Enough of that, let’s have a look at the league.

Screenshot 2016-10-18 at 8.20.37 AM.png

Screenshot 2016-10-18 at 8.20.47 AM.png

I should really mention Walcott (13), as he was the difference for a lot of teams this week, Neil Freeland (35th) even captained him, finishing the week on a decent 54 points, in another week where against the grain captains came out on top. Ben Beill (29th) put the armband on Austin which was a sublime move, bringing his points total to 62, while trusty Diego Costa (9) was the armband of choice for two of the highest scoring players this week. Yes, despite everything, the cuddly Spaniard who everybody loves to hate came through for mystery man Christopher Reynolds (28th), and Jason Beal (16th). Well done chaps, good to see you up there Jason, and Chris, I need to see you!

Top honours this week go to Evertonian Nick Johns (1st), for a truly blistering 79 point week. Nick started the gameweek in 6th place but now has a lead of 34 points at the summit, in a single week. I am actually clapping Nick, if I had a hat I’d take it off, if you were here I’d kiss you, come over here will you Nick!

A sensible captain choice of Sanchez was backed by a whole assortment of already mentioned quality. Austin. Walcott. Holebas. In fact Nick brought in Walcott and Stoke’s goalkeeper Grant (6) just this week. Who is this guy? Nick also had Lukaku and Lovren (7) too. Asides of the wildcard Nick has only made 5 transfers at all. I’m in awe. I’m afraid. I think I’m in love. Count yourself lucky you live in Micronesia Nick, and that I have this photo of my new wingback:

Holebas x

Shout outs to Mark Turnbull (52nd), with Stekelenburg (17) in goal, and Scott Volker (180th), with budget midfield dream Joe Allen (16). Joe’s scored 4 goals in three games now, and Stek got 2 pen saves in one! Brilliant!

Special mentions this week go to those players from last week’s Top 10 who all had bad weeks. I won’t name them as I know they are all likely to whoop me in the end, but a large ray of light shines in the crevices of the lower regions when we see the top players having a tough time too. I take comfort from it anyway.

On to next week then, most of my squad have beautiful fixtures so I will spend the next four nights praying to the FPL gods for a big weekend, I want a smasher, a riot, a don’t-know what’s going to happen next extravaganza. The fact that I’ve now taken all my expensive defenders out probably means that won’t happen though. Clean sheet anyone?


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