Welcome along to the gameweek 18 review. I trust you all had a good Xmas? It came and went, and the football followed closely behind on boxing day. Lets take a closer look at those games involving the top 6 in the Premier League, in order, before we delve into the top 50 of the FFUK league. Many of our team’s are beginning to resemble a BOXER who has made it into the late rounds and is beginning to look shaky on his feet. We knew this was coming, we knew we had to prepare for it. Biff. Whack. I don’t even have a keeper anymore.

1st. Chelsea – 12th consecutive win, 3-0 vs Bournemouth, top of the table, the run continues. Incredible form. Superstar Hazard (10) was mesmeric and scored a penalty whilst Pedro (13) got a brace but also a yellow which means he misses the next game. Clean sheets across the back once again. Chelsea assets look essential right now, I wish I owned more of them. Long may it continue.


2nd. Liverpool – beat a sorry looking Stoke 4-1 with Lallana (9) and Firmino (10) the best bets this time round. Infuriating for Mane (2) and Can (1) owners. No clean sheet. Great going forward even without Coutinho. New goalkeeper required in January if they are to be serious title contenders and a couple of defensive re-enforcements ideally.


3rd. Man City – beat hapless Hull 3-0 with goals from Yaya (11) and Iheanacho (5) plus a couple of assists from forgotten man Sterling (8). Clean sheet too for anyone still with City defensive assets. Once again they need to strengthen defensively in January and I would imagine will be vying with Liverpool for a centre back, expect VVD (8) of Southampton to be popular, he scored his first of the season in the 4-1 defeat by Spurs.


4th. Arsenal – beat WBA 1-0 with Giroud (8) getting the winner via Ozil (6). Koscielney (9) got max bonus! 4th place looks well within their grasp once again this season. I jest but in all honesty can anyone else see a title challenge from the Gooners?

5th. Spurs – beat Southampton 4-1 with a brace from Alli (15) the highlight. Eriksen (8) picked up a couple of assists. Kane (4) scored a good header in an otherwise abject display which was capped off when he slipped and skied a penalty that I am reliably informed reached a height of 1543 ft. Donkey.

Tottenham's Dele Alli celebrates scoring their first goal

6th. Man Utd – beat Sunderland 3-1. Zlatan (15) was the main man as is the norm nowadays with a brace, assist and max bonus. However the game will probably be remembered for what might well be the best offside goal ever scored.  The backheel by Mkhi (6) was a thing of beauty but it was offside, still the goal stood and that’s all that matters really.

Hey Mkhi you’re so fine!

Thats the top 6 in the Premier League, next lets look at the top 50 in the FFUK league… As we approach the half way point in the season are you where you want to be?


Stuart Newton (1st) extends his lead at the top as the joint top scoring player in the top 50 with a mightily impressive 80 points. Stuart was one of 55 FFUKers who gave the armband to the big Swede and it paid off handsomely. Plus he could rely on points from Hazard (10), Firmino (10), VVD (8) & Heaton (9). What a time to come up with a top score! Knockout stuff – Well played Stu!

The same congratulations should also be reserved for Sam Blake (34th) who also reached 80 points. It should come as no surprise that Zlatan (30) was his captain, but the dizzy heights were reached with the help of Hazard (10), Lallana (9), Courtois (7) & Koscielney (9). Impressive stuff Blakey.

Josh Kelly (20th) nearly hit the 80 mark with 79. Still a wonderful score. I dont need to tell you who his captain was. In fact 55 FFUKers went with Ibra captain. By far the best choice this week. Sanchez was actually the most popular pick with 62 choosing the Chilean instead much to their annoyance. Hazard was the 3rd most popular pick with 26, his return of 10 x 2 was on any other week a great score. Zlatan and Costa look the most inform pair of forwards right now but there are others vying for our attention. Watch out for a special article very soon on Captaincy picks by our very own Hoffmeister, Steve Cronin (21st)!


For all of those teams with wonder-scores there are those at the other end of the spectrum. Its important to remember those less fortunate at this time of year 😉 Those whose Christmas may have been ruined very quickly. Lets assess the damage…

Mark Ford (9th) was the worst performer in the top 10 with 48 points. Captain Mane (4) didnt quite work out like he would have liked. Eriksen (10) & Hazard (10) were the only bright spots on an otherwise dark gameweek for Mark. Still he is in the top 10 (just) and has Costa to come back in. Not all bad.

The unwanted award for the lowest score of the gameweek (in the top 50) goes to Darrel Cooper (29th) with just 32 points. Captain Sanchez (6) we know all about by now but it was the rest of his side that really let him down. Stones (1) went off injured early on and missed his side’s clean sheet. Walker (1) is banned for the next game along with Redmond (-2) who got a red card for his efforts. Darrel is probably feeling a bit punch drunk right now and is weighing up whether a wildcard is neccessary.

Andrew Coombes (38th) was another in the 30-club, unfortunately for him. Andrew had Zlatan (15) but gave the armband to Sanchez (6) plus he was ever so thankful for penalty miss of Benteke (-1).

WILDCARD CHAT… There has been some talk on the WhatsApp group recently about when is best. Speaking of such things if any of you still have your 1st half of season Wildcard then it must be used now. Use it or lose it. The 2nd half of the season one becomes available after the GW19 deadline so is available for anyone who is desperate at 7pm tomorrow (30th Dec). Many will try and save it for DGWs later in the season but for some it may be just the right time. I am very tempted as it could solve some pressing issues but I’m hoping a couple of hits over the next weeks will avoid the need. Check out this article on Fantasy Football Scout for more info. Is anyone pushing the button as soon as possible?

Thats enough of the ups and downs, I want some consistency from my side and I could really do without the no shows and rotation. I have got issues, i have got 3 Sunderland players! Pickford, Toby, Shaqiri, Kane all need to go. I cant rely on Amat and Love every week. I have rolled with the punches but any more hits to the head and I dont know how long I can last before I turn into a dribbling mess on New Years Eve. Are you all set for GW19? Deadline is 30th Dec at 7pm. With GW20 hot on its heels. Good Luck FFUKers! I need inspiration, at times like these I always look to Rocky for spiritual guidance and I need a montage right now.

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