2017 is upon us. And with every New Year, so follows the New Year’s resolutions.

Between all the losing weight, stopping smoking and cutting back on the Monday morning sambucas before work, it wouldn’t be a major surprise if one or two of the fantasy football addicts amongst us had challenged themselves to cut back on their number of transfers.

And with good reason. Because once you get into the habit of making additional ones – at a cost of minus 4 points a pop – it can soon become an all too familiar journey down that proverbial slope.

Couple of first teamers injured? Take a hit. Jumping on a bandwagon to make a bit of extra cash? Take a hit. Not got an attacking player from the team about to shaft Hull sideways? Oh, if I must…


Unfortunately those minus 4s soon start to add up. And before you know it, minus 8s don’t look too bad. I mean, all your mates are doing it – where’s the harm? You can always stop, next week…

But, at the risk of sounding blasé, who’s to say what you’re doing is actually that wrong?

As someone with more than a few betting accounts, I personally enjoy a gamble. And as far as FF is concerned, ‘rolling the dice’ and taking a transfer hit adds another dimension to the game we all love.

When you jettison a player who only scores appearance points and replace him with a ‘goal, assist and 3 BPS’ man-of-the-match, it’s fair to say you strut around your living room like a bona fide fantasy football legend. Minus 4? Ha! Pocket change, mate.

Of course, the opposite can happen. I’m sure there’s bound to be a tale of some poor soul transferring out a match winner, for a player who misses a penalty, gets sent off and then proceeds to expose himself to a female steward (8-match ban for ungentlemanly conduct).

But as far as this addict is concerned, dem’s da breaks. You’ve got to be in it to win it.


A quick squint at the top of the FFUK table seems to suggest I’m not alone. Stuart Newton (1st), currently leading the way by 16 points and sitting very impressively in the top 2.5K overall (as I write this), has taken five minus 4s and one minus 8 so far this season.

And at the very top of the pile, currently 3rd best in the whole wide world, there’s a fella called Konstantin Leliuk who’s taken four minus 4s, one minus 8 and also a whopping minus 12. G’wan, son!

So here’s for throwing caution to the wind and being hit-happy. Guardiola rotates his squad each week and is lauded as being nothing short of a genius.


This, folks, is as close as we get to being real managers – tinkermen and all.

So forget resolutions and forgo rehab. Stand up and say it proud – my vice is fantasy football and I am a transfer addict.

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