Welcome to the gameweek 19 review and Happy New Year to all of you on this Blue Monday. The hangovers should by now have subsided. Did you make it through ok? Congratulations we have now begun the second half of the season, all to play for.

At this time of year we like to give you more so here are a couple of new year treats for you if you haven’t seen them yet. First up Steve Cronin (27th) gives us Captain Fantastic with views on strategies backed up with a wealth of stats and analysis on how to pick your Captain each week. Vital stuff. Then our newest poster, Matt Reid (9th) has written Transfer Hits. Don’t Beat Yourself Up! on the perils or joys of transfer hits and whether they are worthwhile. I have to say it swayed me into getting Aguero. I am now a lover of minus 4s. Well until later today anyway at least. Brilliant stuff both of you and thanks for taking the time to put these together, we really appreciate it. If any other FFUKers want to write something about any aspect of FPL or football in general we would love to hear from you.

Its a new year, new you, new team maybe? Well the second Wildcard is now available again now for the remainder of the season. I know some of us have already taken the plunge to get our teams looking shiny once more for what is left of the season. Quick as a new gameweek is about to start, lets review this…


It was a strange one, not just because it flew by so quickly and was punctuated by New Years Eve. Only Kane (16) of the big guns really returned in spectacular fashion. The 4 most popular captain picks Zlatan (5), Hazard (5), Sanchez (6) and even Mr Consistant, Costa (6) picked up points but nothing out of the ordinary just an assist or solitary goal. You know it is strange when 3 out of the 4 best performing defenders are from Bournemouth.


It all started with Everton against hapless Hull. But the Toffees were poor once again and Lukaku (2) frustrated in the 2-2. Frustration was the polite word for the 11 FFUKers who captained the big Belgian. Did your gameweeks recover?

Then on New Years Eve we were treated to a feast of football. The last offering of the year saw clean sheets and wins for Bournemouth and Leicester. West Brom and Man Utd defeated Southampton and Boro 2-1 respectively. Chelsea won 4-2 against Stoke. Burnley even smashed sorry Sunderland. Then the big one. 2nd against 3rd. Liverpool vs Man City.

We sent an FFUKer over to Anfield to investigate. Duncan Hannigan (116th) was at the game and saw his beloved scousers win 1-0 against City. Liverpool were decent but City lacked something. If it was anyone else we would say Pep looked out of his depth. Is the pressure getting to him? Wijnaldum (11) got the goal via a brilliant header from a Lallana (6) assist. Here’s a few pics from the ground plus a video of a certain pre-match song you may recognise. If you go to a game, send us pictures/videos and we can include them in the review!

Then on New Years Day it was time for Kane to step up. Our sore heads were treated as Kane (16) and Alli (14) both got braces but Harry also got an assist to ensure max bonus. A lovely gift for his owners, some of us may still be getting rid in spite of this. Spurs couldn’t complete a clean sheet though with Kaboul (6) getting a late consolation.


The final game of GW19 saw Arsenal defeat Palace 2-0. Not a remarkable game or scoreline but it will be remembered for one of the greatest, perhaps fortunate, but still amazing goals scored by Olivier Giroud (8). Normally we would say things like this never happens but weirdly it did happen very recently. Like Mkhitaryan’s recent effort but better and on side. Is it goal of the season already? Has the dashing Frenchman earnt himself a regular starting spot because at 8.5 he could be a gem if he was guaranteed to start.


Ok thats enough beating around the bush, lets get to the top 50. Lets see where its at…


Stuart Newton (1st) holds on to top spot but with many more score like this week’s 41 he wont be staying there for long. 42 Captained Costa (12) which was the right move but although Ibra (5), Hazard (5), Mirallas (6) and Hazard (5) all put up resistance the red card for VVD (-2) must have hurt.

Top score in the top 10 went to Jim Wheat (6th) with 67 points. Well played. Jim was one of 46 FFUKers who captained Sanchez (12). Plus Kane (16), Snodgrass (10), Zlatan (5) and Lallana (6) all chipped in. Well played Mr $$$.

However the best score in the top 50 this week goes to Mark Leatham (36th) with an impressive 75 points firmly planting him on page 1. Can he stay there? Captain Sanchez (12) was at the fulcrum but surrounded by points including the spurs duo of Alli (14) and Kane (16). Brilliant performance Mark! Alli in particular looks red hot with his 4 goals in the last 2 games now.


Props also to Dave Stone (49th) who enters the top 50 with 67 points, great scoring, clearly you were not on the sherry over Christmas like some others.

However for every good score there is another one not so good, and that is being generous. At the other end of the spectrum it gives me absolutely no pleasure at all 🙂  (whoop whoop) to announce that the lowest scoring manager of this gameweek was a certain Neil Stewart (22nd) with a measly 35 points! Ouch. Neil was one of the unlucky ones who went with Lukaku (4) captain. It didn’t get much better from there. I think there must have been a big party the night before because 5 of his players missed out all together leaving Neil’s squad looking rather delicate. Costa (6) and Lovren (8) were the only scores of note. At least the gameweeks are moving fast Neil, maybe no-one else noticed your performance?


There were others in the 30 something club. Neil can take some solace in that perhaps. John Harper (8th) shows that even those in the top 10 are not immune even with Captain Zlatan (10), Costa (6) and Lallana (6) but there was not a lot more to shout about. In fact there was nothing. Moving swiftly on. Robert Simpson (41st) was the next worst with 38. But lets not dwell on this, it doesnt help anyone, certainly not those involved.

Is it Blue Monday today? Not for those flying high in the FFUK league or for Chelsea fans right now. To be honest i just wanted an excuse to use the New Order classic but the Conte machine continues, Spurs up next who are already sharpening their studs in anticipation. I have left myself with just 1 Chelsea player and no Spurs players in my squad following surgery early this morning. However I now have a shiny new Aguero to take centre stage. Its a thing of beauty. Welcome back Sergio, it has been strange without you, please keep your elbows and lunges in check in the future and get back to what you do best… scoring goals, lots of goals and lets get this new year going!


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