Its not all about football on this site. Ok it kind of is. But we are branching out. Sort of. The Premier League have got involved too. Are you on Spotify? If so then this could be for you.


The Premier League have put together a playlist with a few classics to celebrate the past 25 years. Recognise many of these?

Premier League Music: 25 Seasons

They have also put together another playlist with this season’s Premier League music. Some good new tunes on here too.

Premier League Music this season

All this got us thinking FFUK could do something similar…  Read on for what we have in store.

Spotify kane


Spotify collaborative playlists are the future. If you haven’t used them already they are a great feature, allowing multiple users to add tracks to any one playlist. This gave us an idea.

We have started a FFUK collaborative playlist called MUSIC TO FFUK BY, the link is below, follow it and you can add tracks to the playlist. Pete and I have both added a song to start it off. Add whatever tune you like! Maybe one that describes a certain player or your performance that week. Perhaps it perfectly encapsulates your team or something about the action that has taken place. Or simply it is just a damn good tune that has some spurious connection to something football related. All we ask is that you don’t flood the playlist with Britney Spears (Lester!)  We will then select the best of these to use with our posts on the site.


Then at the end of the season we will create a playlist of all the songs from the season. For last season’s playlist click on the link below. This season’s is also up and running but obviously only has 3 tunes so far included but will be updated as the season progresses.



TIP: The links above open in a web browser which is a pain… If you find it easier just search for FFUK in the Spotify app on your device and you should find our playlists!


It doesn’t end there unless you want it to. Last season I decided to change my FPL team name each and every gameweek to a song with “Love” in the title, didnt you notice? This was in honour of Sunderland’s 4.0 defender Donald Love who was a stalwart of my squad for far too long. It seemed a good idea at the time. 38 different team names later I am not so sure it was. However the fruits of this labour are in this #38LOVESONGS playlist below. So many songs with the word Love in the title, a lot of crap ones but it was hard to avoid a few soppy ones and in the end hard to narrow it down to just 38. I could easily do another 38 this season – however I have checked that there is no-one called Love in the Premier League now. Phew. I am sticking with The Wanchope Shop for now.


Finally here are mine and Pete’s spotify profiles below, feel free to follow

Chris’ Spotify Profile

Pete’s Spotify Profile

Do you have an idea for a FFUK playlist? if so we would love to hear about it.




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