Hallelujah we are now in a position to confirm the prizes for this season!

Apologies for the delay but this takes more and more time these days as the league expands. We plan to change this next season and ask for all payments in advance but that debate can wait for another day.

All prize money has now been collected and we can confirm 226 in the FFUK league for the season ahead. That is an FFUK prize pot of £2260 and that means an additional £280 in prizes this season (we had 198 last year).

How is the money distributed?

  • League Top 10: £1405
  • Cups: £525
  • Best GW: £180
  • MOTM: £150

Total: £2260

As in previous seasons prizes will be paid to the TOP 10 in the league at the end of the season plus BEST GW score, MANAGER OF THE MONTH (MOTM) not forgetting prizes for both the FFUK CUP and the CHALLENGE CUP.

This season we have increased the money throughout the Top 10 but left the top prize as it is. This is to ensure those in the Top 10 are rewarded for their efforts as we know just how hard it is to finish up there at the end. We have also increased the runner up prizes for both Best GW Score and Manager of the Month.

We are introducing a new prize for the season ahead. There will now be a NEW 3rd place prize of £20 in the BEST GW category as this is always hotly contested – remember you must submit your own high scores. We have also increased the 2nd place price for BEST GW to £60.

Please find below the confirmed FFUK prize money for the 2017/18 season:


  1. WINNER £400
  2. RUNNER-UP £300
  3. THIRD £200
  4. FOURTH £150
  5. FIFTH £100
  6. SIXTH £75
  7. SEVENTH £60
  8. EIGHTH £50
  9. NINTH £40
  10. TENTH £30


  1. WINNER £200
  2. RUNNER UP £100


  1. WINNER £150
  2. RUNNER UP £75


  1. WINNER £100
  2. RUNNER UP £60
  3. THIRD PLACE £20


  1. WINNER £100
  2. RUNNER UP £50


There it is. That is a lot of money up for grabs. Good luck for the season ahead.

Chris & Pete



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