Welcome to the Gameweek 4 review. There seems to have been a bit of a swing. It was all going so well for some of us. For others this swing is very welcome. It’s all kicked off and I’m not really sure how I feel about it right now. Perhaps it is still too early to draw conclusions, but that is what we do, we analyze, make decisions and overthink before trying to come to some sort of decision. Well I do anyway. It’s a fantasy football managers mantra. Fancy some Dire Straits with Sultans of Swing to help us with all these decisions?

Everywhere you look at the moment things are happening. Nowhere more so than the FFUK league. The PRIZE MONEY for this season has been announced. We now know what we are aiming for, this is not just for fun you know. Eyes on the prize (s). In the Premier League some of our big hitters are getting injured or suspended with reckless abandon. I now have a couple of massive issues in the shape of Mane (suspended) and Pogba (injured) and I am sure I am not alone. Anyone else in this position would probably seriously consider the wildcard. Unfortunately I used up that option just last week.

pogba injury

Lets not dwell on that lets take a quick look back at GW4 and what effect it has all had on the FFUK league before we look at the Conts league and I try and explain an FFUK nightmare resulting in eviction.

Screenshot 2017-09-13 at 11.13.11 AM

The official FPL game has grown significantly this season with a record number of players approaching 5 million currently. You would expect that this would mean an increase in price rises/drops but we have not seen that take effect so we must assume the algorithm used has changed. But why worry about what we can not control. There have been a fair few drops but not many going up. Luckily our very own Big Daz is on hand early every morning with price updates on the WhatsApp group from his phrone . The FFUK average was once again just above the overall coming in at 45.28. And the overall average FFUK score right now is 193 (equivalent to 118th in the league). Are you above or below average right now?

Pascal Gross of Brighton for anyone who didnt know 😉

Top scoring player for GW4 was Brighton’s Pascal Gross (18). Fresh off the back of a price drop the 5.4 mid scored 2 goals, an assist and max bonus in a 3-1 win against WBA, rewarding those who showed patience with the Seasiders midfielder. Other notable big scorers included Arsenal’s Danny Welbeck (16) who also scored a couple of goals along with an assist against Bournemouth in a 3-0 win. Stoke’s new potentially OOP midfielder Jean-Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting (15) is not just a damn fine name he is potentially a very viable option if he keeps his place as part of a Stoke front 3. Maxim (as his mates call him) managed a couple of goals and max bonus at Old Trafford in a 2-2 draw. Impressive stuff. Newcastle’s young captain Jamaal Lascelles (15) with a goal, clean sheet and max bonus, also did plenty to please his owners. Next best was someone who is proving very popular, the Spurs left back Ben Davies (14) managed a clean sheet and a couple of assists which meant max bonus.


Lets see how this all affected the FFUK league.

Screenshot 2017-09-13 at 12.36.00 PM

Screenshot 2017-09-13 at 12.36.11 PM

We have a new leader. Actually we have two of them. Congratulations to Sean Griffin (1st) and Damian O’Neill (2nd) who both top the table. Sean is top by virtue of his overall rank after 53 points scored and was one of 28 FFUKers who gave Kane (13 x 2) the armband. A wise decision, he came good 4 weeks late via a flukey cross and a tap in (you would never guess that I removed him on my WC). Sean does have the Pogba/Mane issue to resolve though.


Damian was actually the 2nd best scorer in the whole league with 73 points. His team No Kane No Gain actually contains no Kane. Go figure that one. Still, his Jesus (12), Lukaku (6) and Firmino (2) front line certainly looks strong going forward.


Top scoring manager this week was Danny Finnigan (31st) with a whopping 80 points which means he may well get a mention very soon in our Hero to Zero feature.

At the other end of the scale there were some very low scores. at the bottom of the pile is Tom Page-Chatton (222nd) with just 12 points but there were extenuating circumstances which will be all explained in the Conts eviction. I’m not sure what Barry Clarke’s (76th) excuse is for his 16 points. Matt Page-Chatton (148th) was next with 19 points completing a miserable points scoring weekend for the PC boys.

hero to zero

Lets look at the biggest risers in the league. Who had a great weekend?

  • Danny Finnigan (31st) rose 135 places after scoring 80 points
  • Steve Cronin (98th) rose 90 places after scoring 72 points
  • Dave Foster (29th) rose 85 places after scoring 68 points

Nice work Steve after a couple of weeks on the zero list. With that in mind who are this week’s biggest fallers?

  • Matt Page-Chatton (148th) fell 111 places after scoring 19 points
  • Mark Graham (155th) fell 87 places after scoring 21 points
  • Jake Drant (118th) fell 80 places after scoring 23 points

Moving quickly on as I know the Zeros don’t want any more focus on their woeful week.

Eviction notice
Who goes this week?

This one is going to take a bit of explaining not least to poor Tommy Page-Chatton. There were certainly extenuating circumstances owing to his poor score. His dad James (122nd) had been celebrating his 40th birthday all week and clearly there was still alcohol in the system on Saturday morning as he went to make changes to his FPL side. JPC made the moves on his family iPad, before uploading his wildcard team-shot proudly on the WhatsApp group. As the early kick off unfolded Daz was on hand to provide regular updates to his rivals team at which point James denied that was his team. Something wasn’t adding up. Then the awful realisation came that James had in fact played the WC on his son, Tommy’s team. What probably made the whole thing worse was that James actually had a solid GW scoring 55 points. Painful. But an honest mistake. No one would do that intentionally to their own flesh and blood. What this all means is that Tom PC is evicted from the Conts league. Sorry about that but rules are rules. Last season Scott “the Phoenix” Volker suffered an early WC woe and still managed to finish the season on page 1. We will keep an eye out for Tom ascent up the league.

So that is it for another crazy gameweek. Thanks for reading once again, I need to go and fix the mess that is my team. A minus 8 looks likely. I was trying not to take hits this season. That went well.


gw4 stats.jpg

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