Welcome to the GW32 REVIEW – AINT NOBODY

And it’s a big one! Stay tuned for a quick look back over the action in the most recent gameweek before we look at how that all affects the FFUK league. Plus there will be a Cupdate, news on MOTM, Best GW, a Conts eviction, some more on the End of Season do plus much much more including all the usual rubbish. Strap yourself in.


Firstly I want to take a moment to rejoice in the natural beauty of one man. One man lit up this weekend. It wasn’t a superstar. It wasn’t one of the big boys. It was someone I have a bit of an unnatural affection for (add him to the list). I have no affiliation with his club. Don’t even own him in FPL. But for some reason I have always admired him. On Saturday he scored his best goal ever (by his own admission) against West Brom but it probably wont be shown in any highlight reels, unlike Ronaldo’s bicycle kick last night. But it is just as worthy in my eyes. His goal may have only been worth 4 fantasy points but some things are more important. He isn’t in the team of the week, not sure if he ever has been. But this review is dedicated to the man. He has 4 goals in his last 4 games. That man is Ashley Barnes (6). Of Burnley FC (just in case there is another). What a legend!

Look at the athleticism!

This review needed a big tune. Who better than (Granit) Chaka Khan with her absolute classic, now 35 years old!!! But still sounds as good as ever, enjoy AIN’T NOBODY cos no-one does it better! The FFUK GW REVIEWS PLAYLIST has been updated.

Elsewhere there were some big scorers.  In fact the highest scoring player was Marco Arnautovic (16) who top scored for the 2nd time this season after his brace and max bonus vs a sorry Saints.

Arnie vs southampton.jpg

Arsenal new boy Aubamayang (13) scored two along with max bonus but it could have been more if he had not given up his 2nd pen to Lacazette because he felt sorry for him. Nice of the guy but this is not the game for nice guys!


As you can see from the GW32 dream team below it was also very good week to own any of the following – Schmeichel (15), Alli (15), Alexis (14), D Silva (11) or Chilwell (11), even Newcastle defenders were hot property!

Screenshot 2018-04-04 at 4.09.07 PM

Let’s now look at how all the action affected the FFUK league:


Screenshot 2018-04-04 at 3.43.49 PMScreenshot 2018-04-04 at 3.44.02 PM

No change in the top two. What is more our leader Jamie Stewart (1st) extends his lead slightly over Dan McBrearty (2nd). However James Amar (3rd) moves up the table with his fresh wildcard side, just at the right time, after level top scoring in the top 10 with 79 points! Phil Smith (8th) had a weekend to forget and low scored with 46 points, maybe he is regretting his wildcard back at the end of January.

For anyone interested in the upper echelons make sure you check out Lester Deeble’s first post on the site which analyses the chips left amongst those in the top 20 –  Knightmare! Invaluable insight although it is slightly depressing reading for those of us below that so many have chips left to burn.

Top scorer in the league this week almost goes to Alex Kassner (103rd) with 83 points scored although it was with a -12 so that somewhat take the gloss off, however Alex does have the comfort of the Best GW score so far this season. So far.

The actual top scorer was the man just above Alex in the league table. Congratulations to Stuart Newton (102nd) with 82 points via his fresh wildcard team. Stuart was one of 30 FFUKers to wield the WC axe this weekend and it certainly paid off as he owned Arnie (16), Jesus (8), Vardy (6), Silva (11) and Robertson (8) plus captain Salah (7 x 2).


As you can see by Steve’s image above this was a week where the Wildcarders were out in force. Some of us perhaps expected more as this time was earmarked by many for its use. Keep an eye on Steve’s stats over the coming weeks to see how many FFUKers use their chips and how effective they are!

The overall FPL average was 48 whereas the FFUK average was 53.4. FFUKing impressive as usual.



hero to zero
3 UP, 4 DOWN

Who are our Chaka Khan’s this week?

  • Ben Eastwood (48th) rose highest, moving up 18 places with 76 scored!
  • Andy Turner (126th) rose 18 places with 79 points
  • Andy Hall (87th) rose 14 places with 80

Well played chaps!

On the other side of the coin… Who are our Granit Xhakas this week?

  • James Simpson (97th) fell 19 places with just 36 scored
  • Neil Freeland (137th) fell 15 places after scoring 42
  • Matt Page-Chatton (121st) fell 14 places with 34
  • as did Neil Gordon (143rd) who fell 14 places with 31, but apparently ‘No Fuchs Given’

Spare a thought for Andrew Coombes (169th) who low scored with just 24 points scored. He must have Xhaka in his side!


Now we have time for a quick CUPDATE. Grab a cuppa. For those of you lucky enough to still be involved I bet you have already worked out whether you are through to the semis. For everyone else though lets assess the latest from both the FFUK Cup and the Challenge Cup.

First up the FFUK Cup. The scores from the quarter finals have now been updated on the FFUK CUP page and I am delighted to confirm that Jamie Stewart, Sam Blake, Paul Browne and Tom Shepherd have all made it through to the final 4. Our Peter will be performing a LIVE video draw on Thursday evening where we will find out the semi final lineup.

In the Challenge cup once again the quarter final scores have all been updated on the Challenge Cup Page by our Peter. Congratulations to Tim McEwan, Joe Warrington, Sam Breen and Sean Galsworthy who made it into the semis. I can confirm, as no draw was necessary, the semi final lineup for this one:

Tim McEwan   v Sean Galsworthy
Joe Warrington   v Sam Breen

Best of luck to all involved.

Eviction notice



Some weeks it is ridiculously close fought, others we lose a cont without a whimper. But the brutality is just the same. 1st place left last week, and this week it’s Phil Smith’s (8th) time. His exit means we are down to just 6 players in this competition. Phil’s January wildcard has sustained his Top 10 position up until now but this week there was nothing he could do in the Conts with only 46 points on the board. Phil must be hurting now…. he’s now been removed. Here is quite a lovely image of the final 6, cut it out and keep it if you want.

Screenshot 2018-04-04 at 5.19.34 PM.png

Before we finish it would be remiss of me not to mention the Manager of the Month competitionDanny Burgess (18th) takes MOTM for March with 328 points, a cracking score which puts him straight into second place on the leaderboard. Danny earned 81 in the final week of the month off the back of a maverick Aubamayang captain and looks like he’s a strong contender to challenge for those Top 10 spots. With a twist in the tale he may also retain 2nd place on the MOTM leaderboard and take a healthy £50 prize. The score to beat in that competition is still Jamie Stewart’s 494 for December, a phenomenal score which Jamie can credit to all that festive fixture congestion. But all’s to play for in the final two months of the season!

Thanks for reading as always and the only thing left for me to remind you about is this season’s end of season do. It is all set to be the best yet. We have 10 names confirmed and they are big ones. OK not Ashley Barnes but still some of the best FFUKers in the business. Come and join myself, Pete, Tim, Daz, Jamie, Mark, Grant, JPC, Steve and Bakes at the Greenwood Sports Bar. More details in the END OF SEASON DO post.  Let us know if you can join us, deposits being taken this week! Come and MEET THE FFUKERs!






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