Welcome to the GW2 REVIEW – THINK

This week it’s all about what we think will happen vs what will actually happen. And it was an easy song choice after losing the Queen of Soul so the tune of the week is THINK by Aretha Franklin. There are plenty of amazing songs that we could have chosen but there is a verse in this that suggests Aretha may have dabbled in a bit of Fantasy Football herself in the past.

You better think (think) 
Think about what you’re trying to do to me
Think (think)
Let your mind go, let yourself be free
People walking around everyday 
Playing games, taking scores
Trying to make other people lose their minds
Ah, be careful you don’t lose yours, oh


Jamie Jackson has a lot to answer for. After his article late last week where he casually mentioned that Pep was thinking about dropping a certain Aguero in just the 2nd game of the season. Not a quote in sight. Then retweets by the great and the not so good of social media. FPL managers everywhere went into meltdown, how was this possible? Kun was the main man in the Charity Shield and despite a quiet game in the season opener he still had a golden chance to score or square it. Was Pep that decisive? One miss. You are out. He couldn’t. Could he?


So I sat down on Friday evening to watch the first three episodes of the new show about Man City “All or Nothing” on Prime with some ridiculous notion that I may be able to better understand the mind of the genius that is Pep. How does Pep think? The insight was fascinating and I would recommend you watch it. Pep is more sweary than I imagined but no less intense. He also says “guys” a lot. But there was no answer to the Aguero question I seeked. If anything the clips of the goals he scored just made it a harder decision.

Fast forward past the deadline. Thinking time was over. Managers had made their decisions and many ignored JJ’s article and subsequent tweets (i can’t bring myself to write his name again). I wish I had. So much so that Sergio Aguero (20) was the most captained in the FFUK league with 90 of you deciding the risk was worth it. And boy were you guys right. A hatrick of goals, an assist and of course max bonus against Huddersfield meant that he was easily the highest scoring player of GW2 with 20 points scored. That’s 14 goals scored in his last 8 home games. Stunning. Those who owned but didn’t captain like myself didn’t really know what to think.


Looking at the 144 point GW2 Dream Team below of course Kun leads the way but who would have thought he would be joined up top by Troy Deeney (12)?

Screenshot 2018-08-21 at 10.54.59 AM

In midfield Milner (11) outscored his more popular colleagues. Walcott (13) and Mkhitaryan (12) rolled back the years to join last season’s revelation Pascal Gross (10). In defence Marcos Alonso (13) defied the doubters once more whilst Steve Cook (14) scored an unlikely goal. Even more impressive was Ricardo Pereira(12), who got his 2nd assist of the season. Not forgetting perhaps the most amazing feat… Did anyone own Cardiff’s goalkeeping hero, Neil Etheridge (16) who saved his 2nd penalty of the season? If only the man himself hadn’t left himself on the bench. We will have to try and get him in to the FFUK league next season to build on our contingent of PL players!

Screenshot 2018-08-22 at 12.40.57 PM
Cardiff GK Neil Etheridge’s GW2 FPL team. Benched himself!!!


Onto the FFUK mini league now, lets look at what is happening on Page 1 below:

Screenshot 2018-08-21 at 6.50.45 PM

Screenshot 2018-08-21 at 6.50.55 PM

Our top two remain the same as John Harper (1st) scored an impressive 94 points whilst Lawrence Sprigings (2nd) went even better managing 98. What is the secret? They both captained Kun of course.

There was plenty of movement further down the table as is expected at this early stage of the season. But the happiest FFUKers were those who hit the hallowed heights of the hundred club. These guys know their stuff and have hit the ground running. The masses are envious of all of you.


Stuart Newton (3rd) is certainly the best placed of these with 106 points as all his players returned except for Coleman (2) and Zaha (2). Another solid week and he will be troubling that top two.

Close but no cigar for former league champ Nick Johns (4th) who could only?!?! manage 98 points. Ominous for everyone else when a former champ starts so well. Keep an eye on this one.

Even more impressive was our Glenn Murray (21st) who triple captained Kun for an eye watering 60 of his 117 point total. Incredible early use of chip, he has literally laid down a marker with that one. Can you beat that?

Notable mention for Gary Parsons (34th) who scored 102 after using an early wildcard. Once again this man clearly knows how to use a chip.

There is no right or wrong way to do things as evidenced by James Simpson (48th) who also steams in with 108 points although on closer inspection he took a -16 hit to get there. Takes the gloss of it a little but most of us would swap positions with him still. I would say that is exactly how to do a -16 hit. He now owns AWB (-1), Richarlison (9), Mendy (8), Bernardo Silva (2) and Kun Aguero (20). All look to be very good long term options so he will be happy. Bravo James.

All of these scores are very impressive but lets now turn our attentions to those less fortunate because it is time for another double eviction in the CONTS mini league.

warning double eviction

The evictions keep coming thick and fast. No let up. It’s a case of survival for most of us but who follows last week’s evictees Kris Martin and James Coffen. Once again it was a nervous Sunday and Monday for many. In fact I woke on Sunday morning with just 7 points scored by my lot. Fortunately City saw me right and Liverpool made it respectable as I ended up on 72 points. But others were not so fortunate.

Others like The Phoenix Scott Volker who’s team could only rustle up a meagre 35 points. The Aguero captaincy alone was worth more than that. Scotty went with a loyal captain pick but Eriksen (2 x 2) did him no favours and other than Salah (9) his whole team blanked. The fire is out early for the Phoenix but he has promised to turn things around.

Who would join The Phoenix? Despite a late stewards enquiry on grounds of a ginger reprieve, there was no option but to evict one of the newest members of our WhatsApp group Jamie Davis who managed just 38 points. For Jamie he was seriously undone by Pep’s thinking. His captain Walker never got off the bench so his vice was Mahrez who also started on Pep’s bench and didnt manage anything in the 26 mins he played. Pretty sure Jamie is making a Pep voodoo doll as we speak or is it a Jamie Jackson one?

It’s official… Jamie and Scott – you have now been removed from the CONTS mini league. 48 FFUKers remain and another 2 will depart next week. Dont let it be you!

1 reminder for payment and 2 very exciting bits of news!

Almost done for another review. Thanks for reading as always, we are still collating entry fees so if you are one of the FFUKers who hasn’t yet paid please do so ASAP so we can announce prizes. It will save me or your agent chasing you and for that we will be very grateful. We will be removing any non payers next week before announcing prize money.

Elsewhere you may have seen the news that we have set up a new LAST FFUKER STANDING league which kicks off at the GW4 deadline. Entry is £5 payable via the usual means and all the other info can be found on the post.

Finally more big news and a date for your diary. The first ever FFUK mid season do is planned for Saturday 1st December at Shaftesbury FC. For all the initial info about the Charity Sports and Music Quiz see the flyer below and reserve your place on the FFUK team now!




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