Where to start?

We’ll start by saying good luck to everyone in the FFUK Cup, you can find the draw for the first round here.

Next we’ll say commiserations to all of those of you that have just got knocked out of the inaugural FFUK Milk Plate Round 1. Unlucky. Among this season’s losers are former champion Jamie Stewart, gamesmaster Ian Galloway, JPC, my Dad, Blakey, both Steve and James Coffen, former Premier League player Jim Whitley, and a whole load of others.

Which brings us to the winners, congratulations and well done. You are among a group of 64 players about to embark on Round 2 of the FFUK Milk Plate and you will find your fixtures on the appropriate page, and also here:


1 Lei Cao v Donald Macaulay
2 Chris Norman v Ben Carter
3 Gregg Dampier v Alex Kassner
4 Loz Kelly v Jake Walker
5 Mclaren Madamombe v Lee Macnamara
6 Ryan Corbett v Tom Newman
7 John Parkinson v Matthew Cox
8 Jack Wilson v Seb Klyen
9 Adam Westrop v Alexander Thomas
10 Sam Lukes v John Harper
11 Duncan Galloway v Gary Parsons
12 Steven Almond v Sam Clegg
13 Richard Harrison v Dylan Fjellstrom
14 Jimmy Spence v Danny Burgess
15 Stuart Allen v Dean Collins
16 Steve Green v Jamie Allaway
17 Daniel Gunner v Jason Beal
18 Lorna Edwards v Grant Lawrie
19 Liam Whelan v Martin Whitlock
20 Neil Stewart v Yabah Turnbull
21 Aggie Ford v Louise Wilcockson
22 Matt Reid v John Gordon
23 Glenn Johnson v Ben Pycz
24 Dan Calabrese v Nick Johns
25 Stan Packham v Nathan Pegg
26 Andrew Russell v Gavin Buckland
27 Tom Shepherd v Adam Wilkinson
28 Richard Green v Paul Baker
29 Tom Page-Chatton v Haroon Rashid
30 James Prebble v Danny Finnigan
31 Mark James v Craig Sharman
32 Matt Packham v Andrew Clarke

As you can see, there is some real quality throughout. Dan Calabrese is through to play Nick Johns, former league winner, and I foresee that one being a tough ask for Dan. And another thing, Stu Allen is up against Dean Collins, that is a big bloody match if ever there was one. Frankly there are big names up and down this list, so I won’t name all of you, but yes, it could be your year.

I personally have my eye on Don Mac playing in fixture 1, who has his name on a prize this season, but all will be revealed in what is always a riotous month of the season, this December.

As always best of luck to one and all, take care of yourselves, and each ffuker.


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