The night before Christmas, not a creature was stirring, only I eek a mouse! This is the only xmas song you need really!

Welcome one and all for this festive special review. I hope by now you are getting stuck in to one of the many various Christmas spirits available. I am just tucking in to a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine as i write this. Lets start with a look at this week’s dream team, think of it as the prawn cocktail before we get on to the main course, the turkey in this instance replaced with a look at the league table Think of the sprouts as the CONTS eviction before a delicious surprise Christmas pudding at the end.

First up the Dream Team, it was an eventful weekend with plenty of upsets and bargains showing up their more expensive colleagues.

Screenshot 2018-12-24 at 3.50.05 PM
GW18 OFFICIAL FPL DREAM TEAM – how many of these do you own?

Player of the week was Son Heung Min (21) with a brace of goals and assists and of course max bonus in Spurs’ demolition of the toothless toffees in the final game of GW18.

A player in red hot form would be a no brainer but the fact he goes off to the Asian Cup very soon means that its not that straight forward a decision. However even with his impending exit he still appears a good pick for the next couple of games.

His colleague up front Harry Kane (15) also performed and if you own him perhaps the need to get Son in is lessened. No harm in doubling up though as we will see when we look at how the FFUK community did this week.

Alongside Kane is the Arsenal talisman Auba (13) who with a goal, assist and max bonus in their tense win over Burnley means he is still the top scoring forward in the game.

In midfield it was Man Utd new found confidence that had the biggest effect. JLINGZ (18) and Pogba (13) both remembering how to play football now the shackles are off. The utd players are proving very popular this christmas.

At the other end of the budget scale we find bargains like Brooks (15) and Redmond (13) who both offer alternatives to their higher priced colleagues.

At the back Liverpool’s rock VVD (15) got his 1st goal of the season along with a clean sheet and max bonus in Friday night’s win over Wolves. However if money is tight at this time of year the other two wont set you back nearly as much. Try Tim Ream (8) at 4.2 or Dummett (9) at 4.4 who both won bonus along with their clean sheets. In goal the best bet this week was Watford’s Ben Foster (11). How many of these did you own?

Now it is time for another mince pie, and a look at what is happening in the FFUK league:

Screenshot 2018-12-24 at 4.12.31 PM

Screenshot 2018-12-24 at 4.12.39 PM

Former leader Lawrence Sprigings (1st) returns to top spot and claims it for christmas with a huge 84 points scored. It all started rather well for Lawrence on Friday with Salah (2 x 12) captain (he was one of 30 FFUKers to give the Egyptian the armband) and ended even better with Kane (15) and Son (21) in the final game of GW18. In between Rash (6), Kolasinac (6) and Fraser (4) did their bit. What a time for a score like this. Lawrence’s selection pack this year will taste that bit sweeter for his fantasy efforts so far this season. Well played!


Even better than that was Alexander Thomas (27th) with 86 scored. Captain Auba (13 x 2) was a good pick, one that 38 FFUKers decided on. But it didn’t stop there… Allison (9), Robbo (6), Salah (12), Bernardo (5) and of course the main man Son (21) all contributed.

One FFUKer went even better, way better in fact. James Simpson (35th) finished just shy of the 100 club with 99 scored. How the FFUK did he do it? Quite simply by forgetting about the Friday evening deadline and leaving his captaincy from the week before on the one and only Son (21 x 2) but there was more in the shape of Auba (13), Salah (12), Rich (5), Fraser (4), Robbo (6), Holebas (5) and Pereira (7). Quite a magnificent score and blows the competition out of the water. James admitted that he missed the deadline in the WhatsApp group but we aren’t taking that away from him and it goes to show that sometimes the thing to do in this game is just step away and come back another time, it may all look very different then, as I am sure it does now to James. Another one who’s Christmas dinner will taste just that bit better now.

As it’s Christmas I am not going to dwell on those less fortunate, they know who they are, basically anyone who mucked up their captain pick with Hazard (2), Sterling (2), Sane (2) or Aguero (1). But one FFUKer will have to be discussed in the CONTS eviction below.

Who goes this week in the CONTS mini league? Did you survive?

There is never a great week to be evicted but perhaps the one just before Christmas is especially frustrating. Once again it was a closely fought contest ahead of Super Sunday Statto Steve supplied us all with the latest info. in the WhatsApp group. We could see Paul Baker, James Amar, Matt Reid, Theo Allen and myself all had players to play. And as we saw those holding Spurs players generally scored well. That meant one FFUKer who had no-one left to play, nowhere to hide. That man was Donald Macaulay with 31 points. That man has to go. Let’s not beat around the holly bush. I have removed you from the CONTS mini league. Hope the barrel load of booze in the next couple of days numbs the pain and you can recover on boxing day. Keep your head up Don Mac!


Into injury time and we have a special present for you at the end but before that it’s currently all about the cups. Speaking of which did you see Paul Baker’s brilliant FPL cup post?

How are you getting on in your FFUK cup tie? Perhaps you are in the FFUK milk plate. Either way we hope you have your eye on your opponent as we enter the last two weeks of this month’s ties.

Now it’s time for someting special, the FFUK special Christmas message, top up your glass and join Pete and I for a mince pie and a chat.

As always thanks for reading, thanks for playing and thanks for watching the video. Have a cracking Christmas and I will be back for a review just afterwards. Now I must go as I have a wildcard to perfect before boxing day!

Look after yourself and each FFUKer!

Christmas Cheers to you all!


Sergio says Merry Christmas!


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