Time for another FPL Cupdate

Week 2: Gameweek 18 …..

We’re now through week 2 of the FPL Cup. This marathon competition lasts a full 22 weeks with the initial 4,194,304 entrants being halved each week until the final two remain in Gameweek 38. Last time I reported that, of the 229 registered FFUKers, 60 missed the bar and failed to qualify for the cup. Of the qualifying 169, 104 won their first-round encounter, meaning just 45% of FFUKers remained in the Cup.

I can report that 47% of these FFUKers are now also out – slightly less than the 50% of total entrants that were culled. A fair few FFUKers got an absolute battering to be fair, not least Donald Macauley who lost by a full 60 points to go with his Conts eviction. Four other FFUKers lost by exactly 45 points: Alex Sadlier (who lost to a ghost team that scored 79 points!), Neill Goodwin (who lost to what looks like a cup specialist team that wasn’t entered into FFUK until Gameweek 16), Chris Norman and the lowest ranked FFUKer still in the competition Kris Martin (send that man a parachute). Clayton Deakin can count himself the unluckiest of FFUKers, getting knocked out despite scoring 69 points, losing out by a solitary point. And he wasn’t the only one. Marc Speer, Sam Blake and Louise Wilcockson all lost by a single point as well.

53% of FFUKers won their second-round tie. This leaves 55 still in to battle it out in the round of 1,048,576, so 0.0052% of all entrants. Slightly up, you’ll be pleased to know, on the proportion of second round entrants which came in at a paltry 0.0050%. The biggest margin of victory was the outstanding 50 points recorded by Steve Almond who walloped his opponent 78-28. Of those who went through the biggest score was recorded by James Simpson, who beat his opponent by 45 points. The jammiest bugger of the round was Sam Clegg, whose dreadful Gameweek score of 33 was still enough to oust his opponent, and by 12 points as well!

Two FFUKers drew their second-round ties, Paul Austin and Mark Tarbox. Both, I’m delighted to report, won through!


Finally, yours truly had a rather fortunate win in round two. My disappointing 47 points was nevertheless enough to beat ghost team Mozart FC by four points. My third round opponent is the intriguingly named “Red Lions of Bots” – a Liverpool fan called ofentse koolopile hailing from Botswana. The team has an odd transfer record having not made a single one between Gameweeks 10 and 16 inclusive – but having made 3 over the last two weeks, I guess the team is live, despite an odd bench containing Suttner, Madine and Obiang. He has Hazard, Salah and Aguero though to keep my time as bum-squeaky as possible.



Last years champ – this season can you win it?

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