Welcome to the GW19 REVIEW – LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER

Woah we are half way there!

How was it for you?

Not Christmas, of course I hope you all had a good one but more importantly how was GW19?

How about a bit of Jon Bon Jovi to get us all going, this is a karaoke or drunken wedding classic and we all know it sounds best if a group of well lubricated friends sing it at the top of their voices, so go for it FFUKers, sing it loud! Did you know that Livin’ on a Prayer is now over 30 years old having been released in 1986. Anyone else feel ffuking old?

This season’s playlist has been updated and is now starting to take shape.

Now we have that out of our system let’s take a look at this week’s Dream Team before we see how all the action affected the FFUK league.

Screenshot 2018-12-28 at 5.51.09 PM

There were only a handful of lesser know names in this week’s team along with a host of more popular picks. That meant some big scores, more on that later.

Let’s deal with the lesser known names first and in particular the brilliantly named Kyle Walker-Peters (18) or KWP for those in the know. Not many know enough to own him though but his first half hatrick of assists was certainly noteworthy. Unfortunately for him he has Trippier and Aurier ahead of him so wont be getting much game time going forward.

The other two more unfashionable picks are at either end of the pitch. Up top Brighton’s Locadia (9) scored and got max bonus in a 1-1 win over Arsenal 😉 At the other end Neil Etheridge (10) claimed a shut out, 5 saves and max bonus to top score for GKs this week.

Then we have some more familiar names. Felipe Anderson (15), Pogba (15) and Hazard (15) all scored braces with max bonus for their owners whilst the spurs duo of Son (13) and Eriksen (13) both smashed it in their 5-0 demolition of the Cherries.

At the back there were also big points on offer. The best of the bunch (apart from KWP) was the Everton left back Digne (17) with a brace of beautiful goals. Not often you get that happen. This would be a key factor in several scores as we will see later. The Liverpool duo of TAA (11) and Lovren (15) were also in quite a few sides.

Shall we look at the FFUK league now?

Screenshot 2018-12-28 at 6.03.04 PMScreenshot 2018-12-28 at 6.03.13 PM

Lawrence Sprigings (1st) retains his place at the summit with a more than respectable 80 points scored. I had a quick look at his record and this is just his 3rd season playing the game and for most of this season he has been well within the top 10k (often the benchmark for an elite player). What is more he finished 6k and 4k in his other 2 seasons. This is some serious skill and must be commended. Bravo Mr Sprigings!

However there are some bigger scorers to discuss. How about Neill Goodwin (10th) who managed 99 points. Unlike Lawrence who captained Salah (12 x 2) Neill went for Kane (6 x 2) but also owned the Egyptian so had his points to fall back on. But it was at the back where it got seriously impressive. Digne (17), AWB (8), Lovren (15) and Guaita (9) combined for a whopping 49 points!

However one man went even better. earning himself a place in the 100 club.  A commendable feat in a single GW. That man is James Page-Chatton (83rd) who top scored with 113 points although there was a -8 but this hit was well worth it. Out went Alli (0), Schindler (1) and Chicharito (0) and in came Pogba (15), PVA (8) and Ings (2). That’s how you do a -8. The rest of his team didn’t disappoint either. Captain Salah (12 x 2), Lovren (15), Pogba (15) and Felipe (15) whilst his treble Palace defence of Guaita (9), AWB (8) and PVA (8) smashed it too! Well played Jimmy!

As it’s Christmas I am not going to highlight those less fortunate scores but suffice it to say anything below the average of 59 wasn’t ideal and will leave a few fantasy managers  sliding down the league – Watch out it’s Slippery When Wet (one for the Bon Jovi Fans out there).

Who goes this week in the CONTS mini league?

With the flurry of festive football on boxing day it would have been very easy to forget about the CONTS mini league. One man will wish we had forgotten. That man is our very own Stu Allen who low scored with 50 points. I’m not sure but this is certainly one of, if not the highest scores to go out on in a single gameweek. That will be of little comfort to Stu right now. What may be of some comfort is the performance of his 9 year old son, Theo, who scored a brilliant 100 (we wont mention the hits as they don’t matter in the CONTS mini league. Stu will now be going to Theo for all his FPL advice as it’s clear that the student has now become the master. Stu I have removed you from the mini league. 23 remain.

It’s another single eviction next week before a new years double eviction to start 2019. The rules are simple, make sure you aren’t bottom and you will be fine.


Into injury time and once again it is all about the cups. Did you see Paul Baker’s latest FPL CUPDATE. If not check it out for the very latest stats on the FPL Cup and watch out for the next one!

However there are two big FFUK cups that need talking about. Both are going into the final GW of the round and for many ties it’s all to play for. There are not many managers who can relax safe in the knowledge they are through.

In the FFUK cup I am fortunate enough to be 47 points ahead in my own tie. But I am not resting on my laurels. I know that a bad gameweek could be around the corner and it’s not inconceivable that Mark Ford has a stormer. We shall see.

For all the latest info and to check who you are up against check out the cup tabs on this site and good luck to everyone (except Mark Ford ;-)) for the final GW of this round. Pete will be in touch soon after with news of the next round!

Are you ready for games live on TV in 4 of the next 5 days? We will all be Livin’ on a Prayer as the team news unfolds and then even more so during the games, but this is the best time of year for a fantasy manager so try and enjoy it!

Until then thanks for reading and as always look after yourselves and each FFUKer.



KWP (18) was the man this week, who will be the top scoring player in GW20?



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