Welcome to the GW21 REVIEW – NO ONE KNOWS

The end of the Christmas rush. We made it through. We expected rotation in these fixtures. Lots of it. None really happened. We expected/hoped for hatricks from our premium picks. These didn’t happen either. We expected a lot but in reality NO ONE KNOWS what is going to happen in this game. Our job is to do the best we have with the information available.

So Josh Homme’s Queens of the Stone Age – NO ONE KNOWS is the track for this week, if you are a rocker you should appreciate this one. Personally I am also a big fan of the James Lavelle remix if you prefer something a little breakier its at the bottom of the review!

This season’s playlist is now up to date too.

GW21 DREAM TEAM – How many of these did you own? Me = zero but I did just sell one

Not too many familiar names in the Dream Team above. Perhaps the best example of this is Troy Deeney (15) being the player of GW21 with 15 points scored via a brace plus an assist and bonus. Now he is rising in price. Yours for 5.9 at the time of writing. Tempted?


Perhaps you prefer his team mate who sounds more like a computer game character, Ken Sema (11), he also scored well in their crazy 3-3 first half vs Bournemouth. In fact Ryan Fraser (12) makes it in on the back of his goal, assist and bonus in that same game. This was a good game to own any players from, apart from defenders.

Up top Rashford (12) again continued his good form. I am now wondering exactly why I removed him ahead of his haul. Painful. Arnie (13) returned with a bang as he bagged a brace in West Ham’s come back vs Brighton.

In the middle Son (13) once again, that is 4 double figure scores in the last 6 games. I am so glad I didn’t bring him in as he was leaving for the Asian Cup after GW22.

At the back we have a new name, Southampton’s young gun keeper Angus Gunn (11) started, earnt a clean sheet a couple of save points and bonus in their clean sheet vs Chelsea. At 4.3 he could be a decent enabler if he holds his place.

In defence old favourite PVA (12) got an assist and clean sheet vs Wolves whilst new favourite Leicester’s Pereira (12) did the same against Everton. Shane Duffy (8) completes the trio after his goal and bonus in the 2-2 with West Ham.

No one knows who will be in the Dream Team next week?

With all that info freshly ingested lets see how it affected the FFUK league:

screenshot 2019-01-07 at 12.16.32screenshot 2019-01-07 at 12.16.45

Once again our top spot is kept by Lawrence Sprigings (1st) as his 77 points this week was enough to keep everyone else at bay and take him up to just outside the top 1k in the world. Incredible skills. Lawrence was one of 65 FFUKers who captained Kane (12 x 2) for his haul but he also owned Son (13) and Trippier (6) so that was a nice 43 point haul from 3 players in 1 game. To put this in perspective my whole team only scored 9 more points than that. Fraser (12) and Rash (12) did the rest.

statto steve ffuk captain stats gw21


Top score in the league this week goes to Joe John (55th) with a massive 92 scored with a treble captain chip used on Kane (3 x 12) but it didnt stop there, Auba (9), Fraser (12), Son (13), Alonso (8) and AWB (6) all helped Joe to the best score in the league. Congratulations!

Mark Speer (54th) with 85 points again captained Kane (2 x 12), with Wilson (6), Auba (9), Sane (10), Fraser (12), Son (13) and Kola (7) all smashing it.

Jimmy Spence (38th) was another with a great score, 83 points. Captain Kane (2 x 12), Auba (9), Fraser (12) and a banging back line of AWB (6), Shaw (5), Alonso (8) and Robertson (5) with Kepa (7) combining for 31 points. Not sure why Rashford (12) was on the bench though.

2 FFUKers both scored 79 points, James Amar (36th) and Neil Stewart (5th). Both captained Kane (12 x 2), both owned Rash (12) but then it gets different. Jamar’s points came from Rudiger (5), Luiz (6), Son (12) and Raz (5) whilst Neil’s points came from Alonso (8), Eriksen (9) and Auba (9). More than one way to skin a cat, apparently.

Sam Breen (17th) with 78 captained Kane (12 x 2) and owned Son (12) but the rest of his points came from Rash (12), Sane (10) and Alonso (8). 

The overall average for GW21 was 54 points scored. Sam Blake (28th) was bang on average then.

So for every Joe, Jimmy, James and Neil there are FFUKers a lot less fortunate. With that in mind the worst score in the league this week goes to Jamie Davis (68th) with just 32 scored, what makes it worse is that this was Jamie’s fresh new wildcard side. So often this happens but reassure yourself that you picked that team for the long term. Picking Captain Hazard (3 x 2) was a mistake in hindsight as 44 FFUKers found out and only Kane (12) offered any real resistance. Even more annoyingly the only defensive points on show were from 3rd place on his bench via AWB (6). Gutted for you mate and even more so as your team looks very similar to mine. Worrying times for both of us.

There were more poor scores but lets now go to the CONTS mini league eviction to cover these.

warning double eviction

Lets deal with those that are safe first. I was in danger but saved with 52 points scored. Relief. But there were seven worse than me. Two of which had to go. Steve Cronin and Matt Reid were safe on 51 points. Paul Browne was safe on 49 points. Tom Page-Chatton and Tim McEwan were only just safe on 48.

That left Mark Turnbull back on 47 and then a big gap back to Duncan Hannigan on 36 scored. Unfortunately for Mark and Dunc that means they both have to be evicted. I have done the honours. Stay strong chaps!

Below are the final 20. Congratulations to those that have made it this far. Its back to a single eviction again next week before another double in GW23! For all the info check out the CONTS mini league page on this site.

screenshot 2019-01-07 at 14.15.51

Into injury time…


It has been a busy time recently here at FFUK and that means there is plenty for you to read. Three excellent articles on the site recently by the FFUK team. Check them out via the links below. Massive thanks to you all for writing these, if anyone else fancies turning their hand to one just get in touch.

  1. Matt Reid’s excellent piece on ownership within the FFUK league. PLAYER OWNERSHIP – FOR THE MANY OR BY THE FEW.
  2. Stu Allen’s 3rd part in his series WANNA WIN THE FFUK LEAGUE?
  3. Paul Baker’s latest FPL CUPDATE – how many FFUKers are left in the official FPL Cup?

Thanks for reading as always and I will be back next week to dissect GW22.

Until then look after yourself and each FFUKer.



1 min onwards for No One Knows remix 😉

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