Good evening FFUKers

How you feeling? Personally I find the FA Cup a much more appropriate filler than the international breaks and on this occasion, before we’ve had time to work out what’s going on there and what effect it has on FPL, the new gameweek is already upon us!


So how about this, a quick Cupdate for you going into the final gameweek of the month. This means deciders.

In the FFUK Cup, most fixtures are pretty much decided, and all teams in bold are 25 points or more up. Strangely, that’s 11 of the 16 fixtures. I’m not saying 25 points in a week is insurmountable (the highest lead here is 158 though), but it’s a big ask without using a chip, and it will be interesting to see if any are pulled out this gameweek.

ffuk cup 2nd round

Our own leader’s fixture, Andrew Fogaty v Chris Galloway, and fixture of the round Lewis Bell v Daz Russell are still in the balance. Chris is 19 points down which is achievable, and Lewis v Daz has just 9 points between them. I will be watching these two especially to see who goes through to the 3rd round.


In the Milk Plate we have the opposite. Most of these fixtures are in the balance, and as you can see just 5 look in any way safe. There are still many big names in this too.

milk plate

Best of luck to everyone for GW24, all fixtures will be updated by Saturday morning for the next rounds.



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