Welcome to the GW24 REVIEW – TEARDROP

Whoosh. That was a quick one, everyone loves a midweek GW, especially after a little break. I say everyone but obviously that isn’t true. The tune this week is therefore dedicated to those who have had a tough week and one man in particular. Please don’t cry. Even the best have bad weeks as we will find out later. And if nothing else it’s a great excuse to watch the mesmerising video for Massive Attack’s Teardrop.

First to the action itself and there were certainly some unusual names in this week’s Dream Team as you can see below with perhaps only Jiminez (12), Son (9) and Brooks (12) the only semi popular picks. Very few clean sheets, a couple of big upsets and generally some strange goings on meant that this was not the week to rely on our premium picks. As there is a lot to get through this week with it being the last GW of January we will go straight to MOTM before assessing the latest state of play in the FFUK league.



As mentioned this was the final GW of January and that means that there is a MOTM prize to award. See below for the final standings for this month. Well done to all who fnished in the upper echelons, you are clearly going in the right direction!

BIG FFUKING CONGRATULATIONS therefore go to my main man Peter Cronin (33rd) for his heroic month. He would have been forgiven for giving up just over a month ago as he was treading water in the lower reaches of the league but his persistence paid off. In droves. The only tears in his house are of joy! Congratulations once again and we will all be keeping an eye on your progress next month, can this meteoric rise continue?


Pete joins previous MOTM winners Lawrence Sprigings (1st), Neil Stewart (6th), Jamie Davis (56th), Alex Sadlier (13th) and Neill Goodwin (7th) which shows he is keeping good company. Who will be victorious at the end of February?

For all the info visit the MOTM page on the site and good luck to all in the FFUK league for next month.

Let’s now assess the latest from the FFUK league and see who is flying high with the next GW hot on the heels of this one. No rest for the wicked.



The man at the top is of course the same. Once again Lawrence Sprigings (1st) can not be overthrown after a just above average 44 scored and now enjoys a 35 point cushion to former champ Nick Johns (2nd). Lawrence must be smoking a fat cigar somewhere wondering what all the fuss is about. He is new to our league this year and as I have mentioned before has a formidable record in his previous 2 seasons never finishing outside the top 10k. But I cant remember where he came from, who invited him in to the league? “Thanks” go to whoever it was. We will get in touch soon with the main man to find out but if you know then get in touch would be good to know!

Scores in the top 10 were much of a muchness. Only Mark Storrar (3rd) with 30, John Harper (8th) with 38 and Neil Stewart (6th) with 39 suffered. The rest can all be content with their performance in a week where it was easy to suffer even with a good team on paper. More on that later 😉

However when we look at the league as a whole there were some very impressive scores a bit further down, once again proving this is a league where everyone is involved and everyone (or nearly everyone) is still playing the game. Not many ghost teams in this league.

Congratulations to Matt Frost (56th) who top scored this week with a monstrous 84 points. He needed a chip to get there but it was very well used in a week where many were wasted. Matt was the only man to use his TC on Auba (12 x 3) which worked out just fine. Alongside the Gabonese Matt could rely on points from Jiminez (12), Pogba (7) and Richarlison (8) whilst at the back Pickford (8) and Doherty (6). Well played Mr Frost!

Next best was Tom Newman (80th) with 73 points. Tom was another one of 29 FFUKers who captained Auba (12 x 2) for his haul. The rest of his front line certainly didnt let him down as Jiminez (12) and Mitrovic (13) all combined for a mouthwatering 49 points. Richarlison (8), Patricio (6) and Doherty (6) did the rest. Impressive.


Best score from page 1 of the league goes to Jim Wheat (38th) with 64 scored. Once again Jim was one of the clever ones who captained Auba (12 x 2) but he also had Aguero (9), Richarlison and the wolves trio of Jota (6), Doherty (6) and Patricio (6) to help him. Well played Jim!

At the other end of the scale lets now look at some of the worse scores from GW24… This may help those of you who are hurting right now.

Unless your name is Robert Simpson (89th) who joint low scored in the league with just 21 points accrued. Rob was one of 117 useless FFUKers who captained Salah (2 x 2) which didnt work out too well and other than Pogba (7) Bombers Legends struggled. A red card for Digne (-2) didnt help matters.

Even those at the top werent safe. Dan McBrearty (16th) only managed 23 points. He was another on captain Salah (2 x 2) and just like Robert his only points of note were from Pogba (7). Unlucky Dan.


Who goes this week?

It is now time for another eviction from the CONTS mini league. And this week the unlucky loser is a former league champion. Which serves as a stark reminder that you can not relax in this game, a shocker of a GW could be just around the corner for any of us.

Paul Baker (55th) learnt this the hard way this week scoring just 26 points. And that was with the use of his TC chip on Salah (2 x 3). In the end it wasn’t even close. Despite his team being stacked with plenty of premium picks. Next worst was James Amar with 35. Bakes you have now been removed from the league – Just 16 FFUKers remain another single eviction next week!

The suffering didn’t end there for Paul as his score meant he lost a h2h to yours truly and more importantly he also exits the FPL Cup with a whimper, having made it to the final 3 FFUKers and with his Cupdates a real joy to read this one must have hurt the most.

He has been playing the game long enough to be philosophical about all this but he wouldn’t be human if he wasn’t hurting a little bit. Is that a single solitary TEARDROP running down his face? Chin up Bakes, we go again on Saturday, no time to feel sorry for yourself. And I notice that you still finished in the top 10 for the month of January so it hasn’t been all bad recently.


Lee Mason has put up his magic board and we are into injury time. As I mentioned before there is a lot going on at the moment not least to do with the cups. Watch out for all the cup scores to be updated and the fixtures for the next round will be announced by Pete on Friday evening in the WhatsApp and Facebook Groups. If you havent seen it yet check out Pete’s latest cupdate from just before the last GW.

As also mentioned Paul Baker has been providing us with some great FPL Cupdates in recent weeks, check out his latest here. Has anyone survived for another week? Will we have any more FPL cupdates? Keep an eye on the site and you will find out!

Finally, we have started a FFUK SUGGESTION BOX where you can give us any ideas, comments or suggestions you may have about anything to do with FFUK, for more info check out the Suggestion Box post and get in touch with your ideas.

That is it for another week, not long til we do it all again, oh and it’s the first DGW of the season!

Until then look after yourself and each FFUKer.






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