Welcome the GW31 REVIEW – Learn To Fly

Another blank GW, this time just 5 fixtures for us to get to grips with and a shed load of Free Hit Chips were used in preparation. 85 in fact. We will discover a bit later whether anyone put theirs to good use. I was one of the aforementioned 85 and for me it did not go well. In fact I got my lowest GW score of the season (so far). All that planning and it ends like this.


You may have also noticed that the review is a bit late. Well that is for 2 reasons.


Firstly, I have been seriously busy this week and am actually writing this from 35,000 feet (approximately) on board a flight to NYC using Richard Branson’s wi-fi service. I am in fact a mile-high Wi-Fi virgin, never bothered before but this seemed like the perfect opportunity so I can surf while I soar. Or something like that…


Secondly and perhaps more importantly I wanted the dust to settle a bit after an abysmal GW personally. I didn’t want the review to be too depressing and morose and believe me it would have been if I had written it earlier in the week.


I am in a better place now (metaphorically speaking) and this week’s theme tune is all about that. Playing this game can certainly test us, we can practice and plan but when the GW happens all that planning goes out the window and we have to go with it. We have no other choice. We have to learn to fly. Thanks to the Foo Fighters for their 1999 hit, and its a great video too, starring Jack Black very early on in his career. I haven’t had a coffee yet but if he has done the same on board for this flight then it could get interesting.


Ok without further ado its time to look at the GW31 Dream Team, How many of these did you own?


GW31 dream team
Official FPL GW31 Dream Team

Player of the week was tied 3 ways between a trio of forwards and therefore goes to the cheapest. But it’s a new name to me. Karlan Grant (13) the Huddersfield forward scored a brace and pocketed max bonus in his 69 mins on the pitch vs West Ham.

grant karlan
Anyone know who Karlan Grant is? No me neither.
Tied with him are more familiar names fortunately. Firstly, Bournemouth’s Josh King (13) did the business for his owners bagging a brace and max bonus much to the disappointment of those (including myself) who went with his colleague Wilson (2).


For Liverpool it was that man Mane (13) again as he continued his incredible run of form, outshining his colleague Salah (2) once more and raising real questions about why we should own the more expensive of the pair.


Update: I have now had a coffee, don’t think Jack or his mates dropped anything in this one.


Elsewhere in this week’s Dream Team there were plenty of other unfamiliar names. Not many own Chicharito (12), Bacuna (8), Coleman (8),  Ogbonna (7), Babel (9) or Morgan (10), in fact all are below 2% ownership.


The only two who were more popular were Kepa (11) who somehow scored big despite Chelsea losing 2-0. Certainly more ammo for critics of the Bonus Points System.


James Maddison (9) completes the Dream Team rewarding his owners after an impressive run of performances climaxing in a goal and bonus.


top 20 (5)
At the top the pair at the summit remain the same Jordan Davison (1st) and John Harper (2nd) but the chasing pack closed in. John used his FH chip for a meagre 35 points which must have disappointed.


Decent scores were harder to find but there were some about. In the top 10 Daron Russell (9th) used his TC on Salah (2 x 3) but luckily for him he had some other gems in Maddison (9), King (13), Mane (13) and McNeil (8), whoall did the biz to get him to a rather impressive 59 points despite the TC fail.


Just to prove that good scores were not limited to the top of the league. Congrats to Jason Beale (119th), Asmir Begovic (169th) and Damian Travers (172nd) for also scoring 59.


But there were some better scores in the 60s but not many, lets see just who scored best in GW31.


Second best in the whole league was Josh Prentice (91st) and Mike Cowans-Kebby (182nd) who both scored 65 points. Josh used his TC on Mane (13 x 3) whereas MCK also captained Mane but used his FH to great effect.


One FFUKer went even better with 69 points. Big congratulations to Jim Wheat (28th) who didn’t even need a chip to top score for GW31. Of course Captain Mane (2 x 13) helped but elsewhere Pickford (9), Maddison (9) and Rondon (8) returned big. Even Ake (4) and Felipe (5) chipped in with useful points.


At the other end of the scale there were some shockers score wise. Real shockers.


Like Steve Green (143rd) who could only muster 6 points. And all that was after he made 2 transfers. With only 2 players actually playing it was always going to be an uphill task. No captain was a real issue. Clearly the blank caught Steve out this time. Lets hope he can recover in the impending doubles.


It wasn’t just those in the lower echelons who struggled, Sam Breen (51st) could only manage 13 points. With just 4 players fielded. Captain Pogba (0) was literally useless, VC Salah (2 x 2) was responsible for a big chunk of his points with only Felipe (5) providing any notable points. Sam is still on the edge of page 1 after his disaster so all is not lost, hopefully. (I keep telling myself something similar).


warning double eviction
The final double eviction of the season! Who goes?
Next up we have our final double eviction of the season. I’ll cut straight to the chase. This week the pair leaving both couldn’t reach 30 points. First up was Birthday Boy Alex Kassner who scored 27. Life begins at 40 but it is a life outside of the Conts for the man who celebrated his birthday over the weekend. Happy Bday Alex and commiserations on your eviction.


The 2nd FFUKer to leave us is Joseph Colliass who only managed 28 and I am guessing didn’t even have his bday to distract him.


That leaves the magnificent 7 below. 7 GWs left. My maths at the beginning of the season worked out. Single evictions now all the way to the finish. Who will be the last Cont standing?
the conts gw31
Into injury time and I hope you are enjoying a bit of break fantasy wise as we have a weekend of International distraction to get through before the madness of DGW32 is upon us. Make sure you are ready!


  • Watch out for another article from our Matt Reid (29th) where he will analyse which players are most owned in the FFUK league, coming soon!
  • Keep your eyes peeled too for an end of season competition where you can win very special prizes* for very little effort! Watch this space for more news.
  • While we are at it news soon about the end of season do which is going to be a bit different this season as unfortunately myself and Pete are not around for the FA Cup Final or CL Final so we have had to get creative this season. Hopefully you will be up for joining us.
That is it for another week, as always thanks for reading, I will leave you with the wise words of the Foo Fighters


“I’m looking to the sky to save me
Looking for a sign of life
Looking for something help me burn out bright”


Look after yourself and each FFUKer
learn to fly

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