Welcome to the G32 REVIEW – BRUTAL & BEAUTIFUL

The first big double of the season. And it was certainly eventful. Depending on your situation it was either BRUTAL, BEAUTIFUL or a bit of both. For me it was, thankfully, more the latter as I smashed my way into the 100 club. But I wasn’t alone. More on that later. And stay tuned for an announcement about this season’s END OF SEASON DO!

For the theme tune this week I picked something from my current listening, check out Awon’s tune BRUTAL & BEAUTIFUL. Perfect for anyone who, like me, enjoys the jazzier side of Hip Hop. Nice. And it certainly describes this first big double of the season!

Now lets get down to the review, starting with the GW32 Dream Team and player of the week.

Screenshot 2019-04-04 at 11.25.53

Lets start with the top scoring player. And for a while it looked like it might be Ruben Loftus-Cheek (19) with a couple of goals and an assist over the double, which rewarded anyone who took a punt on him rather than the more obvious options and I guess it reflected the rest/rotation problems we were all facing in one way or another in our sides.

In the end Christian Eriksen (20) only had 5.4% ownership but he is a far more familiar name in terms of FPL. His decisive contributions in both games of the double meant he was the man to own this week. Even though not many of us did.

eriksen 2019

Next best was actually the highest scoring player in the last DGW and it’s a City defender. With all the uncertainty around City’s attackers Laporte (18) is about the safest pick (outside of the GK) most weeks and he certainly was a safe pick this time round.

But there were several other defenders with monstrous scores and I guess it was a case of owning as many of these as possible. Did you own any of the following? Azpi (16), PVA (16), Morgan (15) or Zouma (15) because if you did then that made for beautiful scores.

In the midfield RLC’s far more popular colleague Hazard (15) did his thing to delight/frustrate those that did/didnt own him, as he so often does. But that was nothing compared to Doucoure (17) who helped demolished Fulham whilst also getting the consolation Vs Man Utd earlier in the week.

Up top it was this season’s FPL revelation. Raul Jiminez (12) was one of very few forwards to did much this week. His owners’s would have been delighted once again after a scare in the first game as he was benched and only appeared for a late point but he delivered as Wolves picked apart Man Utd in a very entertaining game on Tuesday evening. What a team they look, easily the best ever promoted side I can remember. And Raul is currently putting pen to paper on a deal to keep him at Molineux for the foreseeable. Great business from Nuno and his crew.

With all that on board let’s now look at the FFUK league and who got the big scores.

Screenshot 2019-04-04 at 11.46.52

Screenshot 2019-04-04 at 11.47.01

There is no change at the top and one man will be very happy with this (as you can see below). Doubles and Blanks are the weeks you can get found out very quickly in this league. But Jordan Davison (1st) was prepared and in fact was one of 25 FFUKers who used their FH chip. 97 points was the result for our leader. Pretty impressive. Captain Aguero (10 x 2), Laporte (18), Azpi (16) and Haz (15) were the stars here.

Here is Jordan checking his FPL team each morning!

Elsewhere in the top 10 there was some movement. None more so than in 6th place where we now find Neill Goodwin (6th) after a mammoth 120 point haul (112 after -8). Neill wielded his TC on Haz (15 x 3) to great effect and was in fact 1 of just 5 FFUKers to triple up on Chelsea’s star man.

More movement too for Lewis Bell (10th) who storms into the top 10 with a 114 (-4) score just ahead of Sam Blakey (11th) who scored 122 (-4). Both Lewis and Blakey also used their TC on Aguero (3 x 10) who did all his points scoring in the first half of the first game of the double. As you can see from Steve’s image below 41 FFUKers gave Kun the nod with their TC, we all knew the risks but I guess any return can’t be sniffed at. Satisfied if not elated I would say personally.


Special mention for Steve Cronin (37th) who’s wife, Helen Cronin (34th) scored a massive 120 also using her free hit chip to great effect, like the league leader, impressive skills. Wonder where she is getting her advice from?

There were a couple of other bigger scores we better quickly mention. Oh ok then. I went to bed last night thinking I might have actually top scored this week with 126 (-4) and I slept like a baby in the knowledge that after a few rough weeks I was back in business. No chip used for me as I had a FH disaster last time round. This time my planning came to fruition. Beautiful. But then as so often with this game Brutal followed…

Congratulations to Chris Norman (51st) who emailed this morning to claim his best GW score of 127 (-4) just pipping me by a point. Mr Norman’s is now the score to beat, beating Glenn Murray’s 117 from all the way back in GW2.

Please note 2nd prize has to be for a different week so all to play for in the remaining weeks but now 123 is the one to beat for the top prize. Very doable in the next double I would imagine.

Like myself Chris TC’d Aguero (3 x 10). He also owned Jiminez (12), Haz (15) and Bernardo (14) but his pick of Laporte (18) over my Azpi (16) probably won him it! Fair play to you!

I have updated the BEST GW SCORES page to reflect all this.


So that was the double, 37 FFUKers made the 100 club so I am not going to name them all. Congratulations to all of you who made the club this week. But if you want bringing back down to earth it only really counts in a single GW. In the doubles we should all be getting hundreds 😉

Before we get to the CONTS eviction perhaps now is the time to quickly look at the lowest scores in the league. Bottom of the league Michael Colohan (229th) only managed 34 points but with captain Arnie (2 x 2) what does he expect. I suspect he may be on the beach with the rest of the West Ham side.

The same cant be true for David Horton (98th) who only did a bit better with 41 points. David even used his TC but it was on Sterling (3 x 3) who go well and truly Pepped. Chin up Dave we go again in a few hours, still time for a good finish!

It’s squeaky bum time in the CONTS – who goes this week?

Another week another eviction and its getting seriously tight in there. The remaining CONTS can now smell the prizes, they are within reach, they just need to keep their nerve for a few more weeks.

It was certainly nerve shredding in the WhatsApp group and the man who goes this week knew himself he was struggling early on. His nearest competitor Robert Browne came through safely with a Captain Sane (8 x 2) saving him.

No such look for James Amar who is evicted with 84 scored. Just a point from safety. TC Raz (3 x 3) certainly help but did his lack of hits cost him here? With such a good position in the overall league (13th) could he afford to? These are the decisions you live and die by in FFUK.

James, Steve has removed you from the CONTS mini league. Brutal. Just 6 remain. Another to go next week.

Screenshot 2019-04-04 at 12.37.07That is that then. But before you go I promised an announcement about the END OF SEASON DO so here it is…

SAVE THE DATE – SATURDAY 15th JUNE for this year’s END OF SEASON DO. And it is set to be the best yet…


More details very soon (Post with all the info coming over the weekend) but for now SAVE THE DATE in your diary. For those of you keen to know more, the pic above gives some big clues as to the plan but Pete and I are just finalising the details before we go public.

Not long til GW33 and all that entails. This one has certainly been emotional. But I suspect there is a lot more of that to come before the season climaxes.

As always thanks for reading, it was a pleasure writing this one and remember, look after yourself and each FFUKer.



P.S. I will leave you with picture of Phil Jones doing his thing the other night


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