We managed to catch up recently with last season’s league winner Allan Tomkins to ask him a few quick fire questions.  Find out below his thoughts on last season and a few predictions about how this season may unfold. Learn from the best FFUK has to offer. Here is a pic of the Champ with his shiny FFUK trophy!


C: Congratulations on winning the 2018/2019 FFUK season, tell us what did you spend your winnings on?

A: Thank-you, i bought a new phone so I can make my transfers on time!

C: You had a stormer towards the end of last season, at what point did you think the win was in the bag?

A: You can never be sure, but I had my chips left to fall back on so was confident of a strong finish.

C: Who do you support?

A: Liverpool

C: If you had to put your win last season down to a single thing, what would it be?

A: Play with your head and not your heart!

C: Who was your best pick player wise across your winning season?



C: Do you have a golden rule when it comes to FPL, if so what is it?

A: No knee jerk reactions

C: What is your preferred formation or are you happy to switch around and be flexible?

A: 343 is my preference but 352 definitely has its place.

C: Do you have a strategy when it comes to captaincy picks? If so what is it?

A: I tend to stick with my best attacking player, regardless of the fixture.

C: Looking ahead to this season who do you predict will be the top scoring player at the end of the season?

A: Salah

C: Who was the first player on your teamsheet this season?

A: Salah (again)

mo salah

C: If you HAD to pick 3 players from one team that ISN’T Man City or Liverpool, which team would you pick?

A: Tottenham

C: Finally, can you give the community one or two under priced punts you think may do well this season?

A: Keep an eye out for Rhian Brewster this season, could be a big year for him…. also Max Aarons of Norwich likes to get forward and should chip in with some priceless assists!

max aarons

C: Thanks Allan for taking the time to answer these, and good luck for the season (not too much luck mind you!)

A: Same to you Chris, thanks!

For everyone including Allan, there is still time to invite your friends to join us. If you know anyone who is interested all the details can be found in the new season post here.

This post also contains payment details, please ensure you have paid your entry fee by the start of the season.

Any questions get in touch, good luck to all for the season ahead



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